Prepare Your Patio and Garden for Summer

Prepare Your Patio and Garden for Summer

The summer months are here, and it’s time to ready your garden and patio. At Biltema, you will find everything you need to get the job done.

If you haven’t started preparing your garden yet, now is the time to give it some TLC. In this article, we give you inspiration and an overview of smart products that make the job both easy and fun, without breaking the bank. At Biltema, you will find everything you need at a reasonable price.

If you have a smaller patio without a garden, check out our article about growing on the balcony.


Good value for money

Did you know that lawn grows the most at the beginning of the season? And that it should be cut once or twice a week to maintain it?

Fortunately, we have a wide range of lawnmowers for both big and small gardens. Best of all,

In our range you will find lawnmowers both with and without collectors, as well as robotic lawnmowers.

Our Lawn mowers

Remember to cut the grass regularly and water during the dry seasons so that the grass stays green and fresh.

Spring is also a good time to fertilise your lawn. If your lawn is full of moss, you should rake it well using a metal rake or a verticutter.
A Verticutter is an ingenious product. It helps to remove a lot of the moss, while at the same time aerating the lawn and giving newly planted grass better conditions to thrive.

Lawn care machines

How to choose the right lawnmower

Before buying a lawnmower, you should ask yourself the following:

1. How large is the area to be cut and how demanding is your plot? For those with a small lawn, an electric or battery-powered mower may be ideal. For those with a large plot, a powerful petrol mower is probably more suitable, since you don’t need to worry about a cord or charging batteries. Petrol-powered mowers are also available with drives that provide propulsion to your mower, which is smart if your lawn is large or hilly.

2. How much work do you want to put into mowing? A robotic lawnmower maintains the lawn for you, whereas a more traditional mower requires a little more work.

3. What price level are you looking at? The cheapest lawnmowers usually have a smaller cutting width and lack automatic operation. In the mid-range, a self-propelled, petrol-powered lawnmower is the best option. It has a slightly larger cutting width than the cheapest mowers. In the more expensive category, you will find both petrol- and battery-powered lawnmowers. The most expensive petrol-powered lawnmowers have a wide cutting width with powerful motors and propulsion. Battery-powered lawnmowers are relatively expensive, but very convenient. Robotic lawnmowers occupy the highest price range and are suitable for simple plots and for those who want to work as little as possible on their lawn, but still want an well-groomed lawn.

If you want the most environmentally friendly option, you should go for an electric or battery-powered lawnmower.

More than a grass trimmer

For removing grass, scrub, and smaller shrubs, as well as trimming edges, this brushcutter is the ultimate purchase.

In addition to functioning as an ordinary grass trimmer, when you attach the shredder blade, the brushcutter also easily removes scrub and shrubs that have been allowed to grow,” says the store manager.

It also comes with a shoulder harness that carries some of the weight.

Also, don’t forget that we have a large range of practical workwear and safety shoes


Make your own compost

Once you’ve cut the grass and trimmed the hedges and trees, the waste needs to be cleaned up. A compost bin is a great way to reuse your garden waste. We have both hot compost bins and cold compost bins in our range. Also check out our affordable open container, which has become a favourite of many dog owners’, since a popular Biltema hack is to use one of these to make an enclosure for your four-legged friend.

You can compost everything from weeds and twigs to food waste, bark, and newspapers. If you plan to compost food waste, you should have a sealed hot composter.

A sealed compost bin is also a good for keeping away pests. The only minus here is that it can be difficult to stir in a sealed compost bin. An option is to press a stick down into the waste to make deep holes to add important oxygen.

Good compost tips

1. Start by adding a layer of airy material to the bottom of the compost, such as branches or twigs from hedge trimming. Then fill the compost with waste from the garden or kitchen. One tip is to mix the waste so that there are no even layers of a particular material.

2. Sprinkle on a few litres of garden soil or old compost from time to time to speed up decomposition.

3. The time it takes for your compost to be ready depends on the weather and the type of waste you’ve added. Periodically check that the contents of the compost are sufficiently moist. You can also stir the compost occasionally, which adds oxygen and speeds up the composting process.

4. The compost should preferably not be left in direct sunlight or exposed to wind. Too much sunlight causes the compost to dry out. Rather place it in the shade of a tree or a large bush. If the roots grow into the compost, that’s only positive. The compost benefits from the nutrition.

5. Make sure that the compost is easy to get to with a water hose and to add garden waste. The more accessible the compost, the more likely you are to succeed with your project.

Wash your patio often

The patio also deserves some love before summer arrives. In fact, your patio should be washed at the end of every winter. We have everything you need – including scouring brushes and patio cleaner.

A good tip is clean the patio when there is a little rain in the air, so that the cleaner does not dry out. The rain also helps to loosen dirt from the surface.

If you plan to oil your patio decking after cleaning, it’s very important to wait until the wood has completely dried.

Wood composite is an easy-to-maintain material with very good durability. It does not require finishing and can withstand our Nordic climate without cracking.

The decking is easy to lay without the need for screws or tiles, and it creates a good surface that won’t crack. Here, both young and old can safely walk barefoot without risking splinters in bare feet.

Also check out our Chinese wood oil – an affordable and easy way to freshen up old wooden outdoor furniture.


Let it bloom

The lawn is cared for, the hedge is cut, and the patio is clean. All that’s needed are some flowers to add the finishing touch. Of course, we have everything you need for your planting.

All within planting

Also remember plant nutrition for your houseplants. This is especially important in spring and early summer.

If you have climbing plants or tomato plants that grow tall, you can easily support them with a plant clip. And with this clever copper tape, you effectively prevent snails and slugs from climbing into your pots. Wrap the tape around the pallet, pot, or flower box. The tape emits a weak electric shock between the copper and the snails’ mucus, which makes the snail immediately turn around.

One more thing! Don’t forget to buy LECA balls for gardening. They can be used for planting, water drainage, and as filling in pots.

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