Cool Down in Your Own Pool This Summer!

Cool Down in Your Own Pool This Summer!

Do you dream of owning a pool? There is an ocean of possibilities to make your dream come true. Many people dream of having their own pool, but may feel it’s too big a dream to realise. But it doesn’t have to be! Not only does a pool give your garden a sense of luxury, but it also means you can take cooling dip at any time.

Swimming pools for yards and patios 

There’s nothing better than having a pool in your backyard when the summer sun beats down, and your kids can play and keep cool at the same time. Or why not invest in a family pool for everyone to enjoy? The best thing is that pools come in all shapes and sizes and they really don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you want an inflatable children’s pool with a fun and child-friendly design, we have many to choose from, or you could opt for a hot tub to enjoy calm, relaxing moments after work. With a larger pool (including water pump) for the whole family, with pool heaters, ladder, and other accessories, you can really create a luxurious oasis in your backyard. Here at Biltema you will find a wide variety of pools for all ages for relaxation, cooling off, and a sense of luxury. We can help you achieve your dream at an affordable price! 

Fresh pool all summer long 

A pool needs regular care to stay clean and fresh. In addition to special chemicals, a pool needs to be vacuumed and algae may need to be brushed off. There are plenty of smart pool accessories – some are necessary while others make pool care easier. It is common for the pool to be equipped with an ordinary pump and filter. Sand filters or filter balls are products you can buy to ensure your pool stays really clean. For regular cleaning, various accessories are also required to wash the bottom and edges of the pool, as well as chemicals to disinfect the water. Biltema offers a wide range of pool care products that make it easy to keep your pool fresh all summer long. Keep your pool clean with Biltema’s pool care products! Here you can read how to easily keep your pool fresh all summer: 
Pool Cleaning – how to take care of your pool water (DIY article)

Pool Care Guide (pdf) 

Pool accessories 

There are plenty of useful accessories for ensuring the perfect conditions in your pool. In the cooler Nordic climate, many people choose to heat the pool water with a heat pump. Or why not more choose a more environmentally friendly alternative for your pool, such as a solar heater?  

To keep the water free of leaves, dirt, and other debris, a pool cover is important. It will help you to not only keep your pool clean, but also retain the heat from a warm summer day for a long time.  
All this and many more practical pool accessories for your outdoor pool, such as pool ladder, thermometer, and repair kit, can easily be purchased from us at Biltema. When the summer comes to an end, most pools can be packed up and stored in a shed or garage.