Take Your Folding E-bike On Board

By having a fold-up/folding electric bike onboard a boat gives you more freedom and more opportunities for adventure when docking in marinas along the Danish coast or abroad.

A folding e-bike is perfect for when you are in port and want to go sightseeing. A folding bike allows you to experience the surrounding area or even take longer journeys if you have an electric bike. An electric bike makes trips to the shops easy and fun.

In this article, we showcase our folding e-bike/camping bike, which is perfect for boaters or other users who need a bike that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to store.

Easy to store and stow on the boat

A huge advantage of a folding e-bike is that it can be easily stowed when not needed. A folding e-bike can also be stored in a small car. A folding bike can be stored below decks on a boat, where it will also be protected from external elements and – not least – theft when you are in port.


Hopfälld cykel - Fällbar cykel som är helt ihopfälld och lätt att förvara ombord.

E-bike with Shimano Nexus and Revoshift

A folding electric bike is a good way to explore farther afield from the port and experience more things when travelling. Our folding e-bike has 3 assist modes and a battery capacity that provides a range of 30-60 km in optimal conditions. An electric bike is comfortable and convenient, and lets you ride longer distances without much effort. It’s like you’ve been given new legs.

The bike opens in a few easy steps, and it is equipped with 3 internal gears from the Shimano Nexus series. You easily shift gears with Revoshift, a modern gear selector built into the handle for a good riding comfort.


An e-bike with high comfort

The electric bike is equipped with several electrical functions as standard. The functions increase both your comfort and safety while riding the bike and going on cycling adventures. These functions include:

  • High-quality lights with reflectors
  • 3 assist modes
  • Charger with automatic charge monitoring
  • Mini display on the handlebar with on/off function and display of current assist mode

A folding electric bike that is quick to open

The e-bike is made of aluminium and only weighs 18 kg when the battery is not mounted. It is easy to fold up and open. The folding mechanism locks with a clamp. The clamp is equipped with an additional trigger that protects against incorrect operation.

Maintaining your folding e-bike from Biltema

The folding electric bike has an aluminium frame, which means it somewhat protected against the abrasive marine environment. However, it is always a good idea to rinse down the bike with fresh water if it has been exposed to seawater, such as when it has been on the deck while sailing in bad weather.

You can also protect the bike by spraying it with a multi-purpose spray and then gently wiping it down. This creates a protective film that protects against seawater and salt. Avoid lubricating brakes and brake surfaces.

Also remember to lubricate the chain regularly with bicycle chain oil, not multi-purpose spray, and keep the saddle post well lubricated so that it does not get stuck. And remember to regularly check the tyre pressure, especially if it is on board for a long time without being used, so you do not lose range due to flat tyres. You must also charge the battery at regular intervals if you are not using the electric bike for an extended period of time.

Get out and stretch your legs on a folding electric bike when you’re in port – it gives you more opportunities to experience things.

Have a great sailing season.

And remember that a folding bike is easy to take anywhere. On camping trips, in the back of the car on road trips, or if you live on the 6th floor of 32 sqm apartment in Copenhagen city centre.

Why pay more for a folding electric bike?

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