Take a road trip!

Take a road trip!

The freedom to be able to go wherever you want, and stay wherever you want, isn't it lovely? That's one of the great advantages of going on a road trip, plus you get to see beautiful landscapes along the way!

Check the car

Before you go out on the road, it is important that you check the car, so that everything works properly. If you are going to drive far and wide, it is very important that the car is in proper working order and that you avoid such problems as you can avoid along the way.

Good to check the following:

  • Indicators
  • Lights, both external and internal
  • That the horn works
  • The washer fluid and coolant are topped-up
  • That the engine oil is topped-up
  • That the tyre pressures are correct

Comfort in the car

If you are going to drive far, the comfort of the car is important, partly because you should sit comfortably and that those driving can cope. We have the products that will make the drive much more comfortable. How about a malleable lumbar/backrest? Or a magnet and massage seat? Perhaps you need to have a flexible travel pillow, which you can tilt your head on while sitting in the passenger seat?

Check out our products that create comfort in the car

Children in the car 

Long car journeys, as we all know, can sometimes get a little tedious... And especially for the children who do not always have the same patience. The trick to keep the kids happy for the whole drive is to keep them busy!
So bring crafts, pens and paper, books, music and maybe an iPad for them to watch movies on!
But one of our backrest pockets can easily fit everything the children need. We even have a backrest pocket with fold-out table, doesn't that sound cool?
Discover our range of keeping good order and storage

Pack the car smart and safe!

Packing light is often easier said than done, and the bags quickly form a rather large pile when going on holiday. But don't forget that how you pack the car is both crucial for how much can fit, but also how safe the luggage is. Loose objects should be avoided in the car during the journey.


Here are some of our smartest tips for packing your car:

  • Place the heaviest load at the bottom and in the middle of the boot.
  • Never place loose objects on the hat rack, it can be fatal if you need to make a sharp deceleration.
  • If you have a station wagon, use a cargo net.
  • Use a trunk drawer to keep your little things in order.
  • Take advantage of luggage netting

Check out our smart luggage compartment solutions

Now you are kitted-out and ready for a fantastic road trip. Let freedom guide you, stop at small favourite spots to enjoy along the way to your final destination.

But keep in mind, although much of the charm of car holidays is flexibility, it can be good in holiday times to plan the itinerary a little bit anyway, so that not all hotels or sleeping places are fully booked.

Have a nice trip!

But keep in mind, even though much of the charm of the car holiday is the flexibility, it can be good during the holiday season to plan the route a little, so that not all hotels or sleeping places are fully booked.

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