Everything you need for camping

Everything you need for camping

Birdsong, a sunrise over the treetops, or a sunset by the sea. Camping is also much more than a nature experience, it's an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and it's a chance for peace and quiet. But a successful camping experience requires the right type of equipment, and we have everything you need for your camping excursion!

Simple pop-up tent

If you want to go camping, but don't want to work too hard to set up the tent, then a pop-up tent is just what you need!
This pop-up tent erects in seconds, and is almost as quick to pack up again. So you don't have to spend a lot of time putting together a tent, and can put that energy into discovering nature instead.

Pop-up tent 

The pop-up tent comes in a smart storage bag. The tent has mosquito nets in the inner door and is water repellent. The tent is spacious and easily accommodates two people.

Check out our video that shows you how easily you erect and collapse the pop-up tent.


Good to have when camping

How much camping equipment you need to bring depends, of course, on how long you are intending to camp for. But it is always good to bring a water canister that you can fill with an adequate amount of water. A comfortable sleeping mat is also perfect to carry with you, so you don't have to sleep on the ground. During the night, even in summer, the temperature drops quickly and then it is an advantage if you have a warming sleeping bag to crawl into.


Then it's always good to bring some tools, you never know when you might need them. Camping tools that are good to have with you, no matter how long you plan to camp, include a fire-lighting device and a multifunction tool.

If you are out for several days and have room to bring proper equipment, a camping table and chairs are a small luxury to be able to bring with you. And if you plan to cook your own food, a gas stove or a primus kitchen, with cooking pots are a must. Then you can easily cook for the whole family, quickly and properly! Don't forget to bring a set with plates and cutlery from which you can eat.

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Charge your electronics 

Today you probably also have your phone with you when camping, so it is a good idea to bring a powerpack so that you can charge them along with other electronics you have with you!

Our range of powerpacks and powerbanks

Comfort and larger tents

If you are going to be away for several days, a slightly larger tent is an advantage, where you get a little more space with room for the whole family. The tents are easy to set up and can be filled with comfort, so you sleep well. Invest in an air mattress, either with a built-in electric pump or pack a manual air pump.
During a longer camping trip, it can also be both practical and cosy to take along a barbecue and some charcoal, so you can barbeque your dinner together. Just ensure that you barbecue at locations where it’s allowed to do so.


Bring along a shower into nature

Here we are talking about a practical shower with a rechargeable pump, shower hose and shower handle, which you only need to lower into the water or the sea, or a bucket of water for that matter. This should be included no matter what you plan to do this summer!

In the forest and rain

A tunnel tent is perfect if you are going camping in the forest or in a field, it is easy and practical, with sleeping places for three people. The tent also has plenty of space for packing and socializing. If rain is forecast for your camping trip, we recommend that you hang a tarpaulin above the tent, which further protects against the rain.
In rainy weather, we can also advise packing rubber boots and a rain poncho.

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Take the opportunity to go fishing 

Do you like to go fishing when you're out camping? Our range fits most skill levels, whether you are a beginner or a professional angler. We have fishing equipment for both freshwater and deep-sea fishing and crabfish rods for those who prefer this.

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