Take care of your car battery

Take care of your car battery

We all need love – just like the battery in your vehicle. It pays to care for the battery. The normal life of the car's starter battery is approximately 4 to 5 years, but by taking good care of your battery, you can extend its service life. In our range you will find all the necessary tools for battery maintenance, e.g.battery chargersanda battery terminal/cable shoe cleaner.

Battery care:charging and cleaning

The battery works best when used regularly, as the battery will discharge when not used. However, in winter, during heavy frosts, you may need to charge the battery, even if it is in use every day. In this case, the heating devices and accessories consume battery power, and short stints of driving are not enough to recharge it.

Of course, you will need a battery charger to charge the battery. In our range you will certainly find a charger that is compatible with your battery. Before charging, make sure that the voltages of the charger and the battery are equal!

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Keep the battery clean by keeping it dry and cleaning the terminals and cable shoes from carding and corrosion. Moisture and dirt may conduct small currents to the top and (thus) increase self-discharging.

If the battery has a cap or removable cover for each cell, check the level of the liquid surface– it should be approx. 5–10 mm above the lead plates. If necessary, add battery water, but be careful not to overfill the battery. If the battery is overfilled,it will overflow during the next charge!

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Never handle batteries close to open fires or spark sources. The acid contained in the battery will swiftly corrode clothes, and if it gets into an eye it may cause serious injury. Always charge batteries in a well ventilated place.

Battery storage

A battery used seasonally on e.g. a boat or a motor bike requires regular maintenance. First, however, we need to find a storage space suitable for the battery. The best storage space for batteries is a dry and cool room with a temperature of approx. 15 degrees centigrade. Please note thatif the storage temperature drops below zero, a discharged battery may freeze and crack.

Before storing, the battery should be fully charged, and be fully charged at intervals of approximately two months. This prevents the battery from self-discharging and the battery will be ready for use after storage.

For seasonal batteries, a smart battery charger is a great accessory, as it automatically switches to maintenance charging when the battery is fully charged. You don't have to remember to charge the batteries you have in storage at regular intervals.

The off-load voltage of a battery indicates its charge level:

  • The off-load voltage of a fully charged battery is approx. 12.7V
  • The off-load voltage of a half-charged battery is approx. 12.2V
  • The off-load voltage of a fully discharged battery is approx. 11.7V

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