Windscreen Washer Fluid in Winter – what to consider

When the temperature starts to drop as winter sets in, we are often met by snow, ice, and slush on the roads. And winter road conditions also place requirements on your car, so that you can drive safely on the roads. Among other things, it is incredibly important that you have the right type of windscreen washer fluid, so that you can see properly and so that the washer system does not freeze.

Choosing the right windscreen washer fluid for your car in winter is crucial to ensure a clear field of view and a safe drive. Different washer fluids have different contents and properties. Therefore, some washer fluids are better suited during the winter season, while others work better in the summer.

In this guide, you will learn some important aspects to consider when it comes to your washer fluid during our cold winter months.

The right washer fluid and wiper blades in good condition are essential for your driving during the winter.

Why you should change your windscreen washer fluid in the winter

Windscreen washer fluid with alcohol

When the temperature starts to drop below zero, it is important that you know what type of washer fluid you have in the container. Make sure to check the freezing point of the washer fluid, because if it freezes, both the washer system and the wiper equipment may stop working. It is therefore important that you have windscreen washer fluid intended for winter use, and which contains alcohol such as ethanol and isopropanol. This is because alcohol protects the washer system and prevents the washer fluid from freezing.

Pre-mixed or concentrated washer fluid?

In our range you will find both pre-mixed washer fluids and washer fluids in concentrate. You can use both during the winter, as long as you are careful to check the freezing point of the washer fluid and antifreeze. An advantage of concentrated washer fluid is that you mix it with water yourself, which allows you to choose the dilution and properties.

How to dilute your concentrated washer fluid in winter:

Depending on the season and temperature, our concentrated washer fluids must be diluted with different amounts of water. For winter, depending on the temperature, they must be mixed as follows:

  • At approx. -18 °C, mix 1 part washer fluid + 2 parts water.
  • At approx. -30 °C, mix 1 part washer fluid + 1 part water.
  • Our undiluted washer fluid can be used at temperatures down to -80 °C.

Our range of washer fluids

Clear visibility during the winter

Many of our winter roads are salted regularly. And the road salt quickly forms a milky, white film that settles over the windscreen and can obscure your view. That’s why it’s incredibly important in the winter that you have the right washer fluid and that your wiper blades are in good condition. The windscreen washer fluid for winter contains antifreeze and surfactants, which make it easier to clear the road salt off the windscreen.

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Clean the inside and outside of the window

Even if your wiper blades are in good condition, there may be stubborn dirt or dirt that the wiper blades cannot reach. To keep your windscreen completely clean and free from the fogging that often forms on the inside of the window when it is cold outside, it may be a good idea to also invest in a windscreen cleaner or window cleaning cloths. 


It can also be a good idea to invest in a pre-icer and de-icer that help to remove and prevent frost on the windows.

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