Locking ring pliers - your flexible tool

A toolbox should contain different kinds of pliers. Here, Locking ring pliers are no exception. They are versatile and can be used in many imaginable as well as unimaginable situations. If you also want to add a pair of Locking ring pliers to your tool collection, you can look through our selection here on the site or in our stores.

Why do you need a pair of locking ring pliers?

A pair of Locking ring pliers are useful in many situations as they can do many things. They are mainly used for fitting and removing circlips, hence the name. These circlips are found on bicycles, washing machines and cars, among other things.
In addition, you can also use them for nails or something completely different you have in mind, as they can both loosen and tighten things, as well as being useful for cutting and giving a firm grip. The possibilities with these pliers are many - and therefore they are worth the investment.

Get them in sets or individually

At Biltema, we are aware that sometimes different sizes may be needed when you are dealing with a tool. That is why we offer both individual locking ring pliers and sets.
The advantages of our sets are that you get all the sizes you need at a good price. It is significantly cheaper than having to buy several different pliers individually. If you still only need one specific size, we have several you can choose from. Browse our selection and find the right match for your needs.

Quality products for your home projects

Common to all the pliers you will find on this page is their high quality. We focus on offering you quality products so you have the best tools to carry out your DIY projects.
And the best part is that you do not have to spend a fortune on them - with us we offer quality at reasonable prices, allowing everyone to afford good quality tools.

Are you in doubt? Then come to us

If you do not know exactly what you need, then you can always contact our staff. They are experts in good customer service and understand our products so you can always get the best advice.
No question is too big or small and you can rest assured that we always help you with the biggest smile on your face. We take the time to familiarise ourselves with your situation, because in that way we can give you the best possible help.
If you want to experience this good customer service and expertise, you can contact us straight away.