Locking ring pliers - your flexible tool

A toolbox should contain different kinds of pliers. Here, Locking ring pliers are no exception. They are versatile and can be used in many imaginable as well as unimaginable situations. If you also want to add a pair of Locking ring pliers to your tool collection, you can look through our selection here on the site or in our stores.

Why do you need a pair of locking ring pliers?

A pair of Locking ring pliers are useful in many situations as they can do many things. They are mainly used for fitting and removing circlips, hence the name. These circlips are found on bicycles, washing machines and cars, among other things.
In addition, you can also use them for nails or something completely different you have in mind, as they can both loosen and tighten things, as well as being useful for cutting and giving a firm grip. The possibilities with these pliers are many - and therefore they are worth the investment.