Mini pliers - a combination of pliers

Do you want a pair of pliers that can do it all? A pair that you can carry everywhere and that do not take up much space in the toolbox? Look no further.
At Biltema, we have mini pliers, which are ideal if you need all pliers combined in one. Get an insight into why mini pliers can be the perfect tool for you, and see our selection of them on this page.

All the pliers combined in one

Our mini pliers are also combination pliers. That is, we have combined all the benefits from the different pliers and put them into a single pair. They are a combination of a flat, diagonal and curved pliers. With these pliers, you avoid having to buy the different pliers separately, as you can get them all in one. It is an easy and highly flexible solution that also has its financial benefits.

Would you like more than a pair of mini pliers?

At Biltema, we always have some sensible alternatives - and our pliers are no exception. In some cases, just one pair of pliers is not enough, and therefore we also offer mini pliers in sets of four. If you buy such a set, you will be adding some solid and durable pliers to your toolbox.
We also sell them individually if you do not have space for four in your toolbox. You can see our entire selection on this page.

Great prices - whatever you choose

Whether you choose a set of pliers, a single pair of pliers or something else, the low price is guaranteed. Here at Biltema, we have made it our priority to make our products accessible to everyone. We believe that good quality tools should not depend on the size of your wallet.
You will find low prices all year round - and you therefore do not have to wait for what you need to be on special offer.
Take a look at this page or visit one of our stores and find what you need at a good price.

We are happy to advise you

We have many different products and just as many employees who can advise and guide you through the products we offer. Therefore, if you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact us. Our employees will then welcome you and help you onto the right path.

Contact us today if you need further assistance

There are several ways to get in touch with us. During opening hours, you can always contact our staff in the stores. If coming out to us is not convenient, you can contact us by phone and email.