Fit rivets using rivet pliers

Do you need to fasten rivets to hardened material such as sheet metal or metal? Then riveting pliers are your friend.
They are mainly used to fit pop rivets, also known as blind rivets, which ensure that the two materials fit extremely well together. The process of attaching the rivets requires a special tool, and this is where the pliers come into the picture.
At Biltema, we sell various rivet pliers, which are useful for all manner of everyday small projects. Take a look around the site and get inspired for your next purchase.

Join both wood and metal materials

The rivet pliers are helpful when working with pop rivets. This type is used to join hard materials. They are also called blind rivets, as they are especially useful when you only have access to one side of the material.
Pop rivets are an indispensable help when, for example, you need to fix a number plate on a car or repair various metal parts. They ensure that everything fits together extra tightly.

But, how do you fit them? This is what the rivet pliers are good for, as they are designed especially for this purpose.

Ordinary or strong quality - it depends on the task

At Biltema, we sell both ordinary and more powerful rivet pliers. To decide what you need it is a good idea to have some knowledge about the task in hand. How thick are the materials you have to work with, and is it plastic or metal, for example?
It makes a big difference on how much force the pliers must be able to handle. If you need professional quality pliers for your next construction project, we are capable of delivering these.

Make work more convenient

We sell high quality rivet pliers with a good grip, so you get the best possible starting point for your work. You can also get swivel models that provide better manoeuvrability.
Most of our rivet pliers also come with a number of rivets in different sizes, so you can get started with your task right away.

We always have good prices on tools for your DIY project

Do you have a project coming up on the calendar and need something else other than rivets and pliers? Then explore our online shop, where you will find a wealth of tools and materials.
We have everything from welding accessories to grinding tools, and our wide selection makes it easy for you to quickly get started on that playhouse for the kids. Do you have any questions about specific products or the range?Then contact our customer service, who are ready to help you.