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Do you need to join two pieces of material together?
Then rivets are a good solution. Riveting is a convenient way to join materials, as it is a hardy method that can withstand high temperatures. You just need to be aware of what environment it is to be used in so that you get the one that best suits your task.
At Biltema, we have a large selection in different designs. Take a look at this page to find the right solution for you.

Assemble and fasten materials using rivets

Generally, rivets are used to join two materials and consist mainly of a shaft with a semicircular head. As a rule of thumb, it is said that rivets over 8 mm must be heated before they can be attached.
Perhaps you are thinking about the type that is used to join, for example, leather in a belt. But there is another and more hardy type that you can learn more about below.

Pop or blind rivets

This variant can be used for many different things, but is especially ideal for hard materials, such as tinplate and metal. It is tubular with a pull pin in the middle and is also known as a blind rivet, as it can be used even if you only have access to one side of the material.

Among other things, what can they be used for?

  • To fix a bumper onto a car
  • For mounting gutters
  • To attach a number plate on a car
  • For repairing rusty outer metal parts

The budget-friendly version: aluminium

At Biltema, we sell the cheaper version made from aluminium. Despite the price, it is a high quality rivet that can be used in many different situations.
You therefore do not need to be put off by the cheap price - but there is no compromise on quality. It may be the right variant for the task at hand. For example, the riveting of plastic parts.

Find the right size

In terms of where and how to use the rivets in question, the size may also be worth considering. With us you can buy different varieties in a wide range of sizes. If it is over 8 mm and needs to be heated, you can use a rivet iron, which is used to shape the head to the desired shape. 

Do you need our expertise?

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