On this category page you can explore all our sockets for socket wrenches, bit sockets, multi sockets and much more. Such tools can be used by both mechanics and craftsmen as well as handymen. If, for example, you need to repair some garden machinery or a car, you can benefit from having socket wrenches and associated sockets. They are all available at attractive prices.

Shop for low price sockets 24-7.

On this page you will find a sumptuous selection of all sorts of sockets for tools. Some of the sockets are for socket wrenches, while others are torque, hex, multi sockets or bit sockets. The sockets may look very different and have different functions, but the sockets have at least one thing in common; the quality is top notch.
If quality is an important factor for you when you buy sockets and tools in general, then we are sure that we can fulfil your wishes. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of our various tool sockets.

Our selection of sockets includes the following:

  • Long sockets
  • XZN sockets
  • Bit sockets
  • Release sockets
  • …and many other sockets!

All these sockets can be purchased via our user-friendly and modern webshop. This means you can shop for sockets around the clock. You can shop via your tablet, smartphone or laptop. You can also consider downloading our app (Biltema via the App Store or Google Play), through which you can explore our large selection of sockets and other tools.
If you also want to save money on sockets and wrenches, then consider buying a socket set. You can save a lot of money by choosing such a set.

Give yourself the best working conditions with high-quality wrenches and sockets

Regardless of whether you are a trained craftsman, or just a handyman, you should give yourself the best working conditions. Simply jumping into the right work clothes is not enough. You also need to have the right tools. As far as tools are concerned, you should e.g. have access to socket wrenches and sockets. It is a type of tool that can be used in very many situations.

If you need something else, you should be aware that you can also find a large selection of ratchet spanners, torque wrenches and many other tools in our webshop.

See the current stock status for sockets at your local store

You may know that we carry a wide selection of sockets for different purposes in our range, but do we have the sockets you need in stock in your local Biltema store? It is not guaranteed, but we generally have most sockets in stock in our various stores.

With a few clicks you can find out if the sockets you want are in stock in your nearest store. All you have to do is click on Choose store at the top of the website and select your closest store. When you subsequently browse our website, the stock status will be based on the selected store.
If the desired sockets or socket sets are in stock, you can purchase them immediately. Pick-up is then possible in the store you have specified as your closest.

We offer Pay & Collect Drive In

It is both easy and fast to shop for sockets and other tools in our webshop. Likewise, the pick up is also easy and fast. We offer a Pay & Collect Drive In This concept means that you order your desired items via our online store, after which you pick up the items in your local store. We pack the goods as soon as possible, so they will typically be ready for collection within 2 hours.
In the right corner (top) you will be able to click on Shopping Cart if you have finished shopping. Then you can pay for your selection.