Impact sockets

On this page, we have gathered our selection of impact sockets. Whatever size of impact socket you are looking for, we probably have what you need. In addition, we can guarantee high quality, regardless of which of our impact sockets you choose to buy. In other words, all the prerequisites required for you to make a good purchase are in place.

A large selection of short and long impact sockets

Impact sockets come in many shapes and sizes. They also come in many different qualities. With us, the quality is top notch, and we can also boast of having a wide selection of both short and long impact sockets.

We have sizes from 1/4 to 3/8 and 3/4 - therefore we assume that we can also meet your requirements. If you need help in finding the right size, then we can help you with this.
As a handyman or craftsman, it is only natural that it is in your best interests to work as professionally as possible. In order to do this, you need to have the best tool for the purpose, and in that regard, you can hardly do without impact sockets. That is why we carry a large selection of sockets for impact wrenches.
Our selection of impact sockets is constantly updated, so keep an eye on this category page.

Buy a set of impact sockets and save money

At Biltema, it is possible to buy impact sockets individually, but you can also buy impact sockets in sets. The latter is an option that you can take advantage of. In any case, there are several good reasons for buying impact sockets in sets.
If you already know that you will need impact sockets in different sizes, then it will be an obvious decision to buy a set that contains impact sockets in the most useful sizes. Typically, such kits will be delivered in moulded plastic boxes.
Not only do you save money on your impact sockets, you also get a really good overview of the different sizes. Your impact sockets are delivered together in a single box, where they are organised by size. This ensures that they stay well organised.

We have impact sockets in stock in your local store

Biltema always has impact sockets in stock in our various stores, so of course this means we will have impact sockets in stock in your favourite store. But this does not necessarily mean that we will have all varieties and sizes in stock.
On this page, in the product overview, you will see the text Out of stock in XXX (where XXX is replaced by the store you have selected). This means that the selected impact sockets are currently not in stock in your chosen store.

If the impact sockets you plan to buy are in stock right now, you will be able to purchase them online and pick them up at your chosen store within 2 hours.

Which impact sockets should I choose?

As we have already briefly mentioned, impact sockets differ in shape and size, so not all types will meet your needs.
If you are in doubt about which impact sockets to choose, it will make good sense to learn more about them. Choosing impact sockets is very individual as it depends on what the purpose is but we can of course help you make any difficult choices. If you contact us by phone or email and tell us about your needs, we can make specific recommendations for impact sockets.
Are you looking for any specific impact sockets? Then dive into our range or use our search function. Maybe we can supply what you need.