Ratchet handles

It is almost not possible to talk about must-have tools without getting into ratchet handles. Such handles are certainly difficult for the craftsmen or handyman to do without. If you have also learned that you cannot do without ratchet handles, and are therefore looking for this tool, then explore our fantastic selection on this page.

Buy ratchet handles in a world of sizes

You probably have an idea of what a ratchet spanner looks like, but maybe it will surprise you to know how many different sizes and variants there are when it comes to ratchet handles. Such handles can be found in every conceivable length and thickness.

For example, if you need a ratchet spanner that allows you to work in a cramped environment, it will be obvious to buy a thin ratchet spanner with an articulated head. Then, all of a sudden, cramped working conditions will no longer be a problem.
One size of ratchet spanner does not necessarily exclude another. In any case, it is difficult to find one size that will be convenient in all situations, which is why it is best to buy ratchet handles in a selection of different sizes. With our low prices, there is ample opportunity to build a collection of ratchet handles without spending a fortune.

We also sell ratchet handles and various accessories

On this subpage you will find a lot more than just a large selection of ratchet handles, even if ratchet handles are the main item. We also stock an exciting selection of ratchet handles and multifunction handles. It is a tool you can learn a lot more about by these product pages.
At Biltema we also sell torque wrenches at competitive prices, but these can be found on a different subpage.

Why ratchet handles should be part of your tool collection

It is true that some tools are more indispensable than anything else, but when it comes to ratchet handles, there can be no doubt; this tool is one you cannot do without. If you undertake projects, either in private or professional contexts, where you need to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts, then you will naturally need ratchet handles.

And if you want to enjoy your ratchet handles for many years, you will benefit from purchasing good quality ones. In the next section, we will go into a little more detail about what to pay attention to when buying ratchet handles. Quality is an important factor, but there are also other factors worth considering.

Ratchet spanner selection

On this page we sell not just one, but several different ratchet handles. This is because there is no single specific ratchet spanner that can meet everyone's wishes and needs. As a craftsman or handyman, it will be an important task to find a ratchet spanner that meets your requirements.

Consider the following factors when selecting ratchet handles:

  • Ease of use and ergonomics
  • Ratchet system
  • Quality
  • Features (such as Quick Release)
  • Dimensions
  • Price

If you analyse the different ratchet handles based on the above, you can never go completely wrong. It is important to look for a ratchet spanner that offers ergonomically designed handles, high quality and unsurpassed functionality. Also pay attention to the dimensions of the ratchet spanner (especially the length and thickness).
If you are looking for a ratchet spanner of a specific size, but are finding it difficult to find an ideal ratchet spanner, please contact us for guidance.

Order today - pick up within 2 hours

If you need to loosen or tighten bolts or nuts to get on with your project, but you do not have a ratchet spanner, then we can help you. We most likely have the desired ratchet spanner in stock in your local store and if so, pickup will be possible within 2 hours (during our opening hours).