Exercise comfortably with Yosemite

Exercise comfortably with Yosemite

Whenever you exercise, it is important that you feel comfortable in materials that optimise your workout. Stylish active-wear also boosts your confidence, which often helps you to perform even better. It is important to have clothes that keep you warm and give you the freedom of movement you need. You will find all of this in our Yosemite by Biltema range of active-wear.

Exercise all year round

Yosemite has a wide range of active-wear for both men and women to help you exercise during all seasons. Tank tops, T-shirts, long-sleeved tops, long tights, beanies and gloves – everything you need to keep active all year round.

Functional material

Yosemite’s active-wear is made from functional, breathable material, which provides ultimate comfort during your workout. The material wicks away moisture that builds up from perspiration and keeps dry in a novel way, which therefore prevents you from feeling cold when exercising outdoors. In addition, the material helps to keep the body heat close to the skin, which also keeps you from feeling to cold. The material is light and stretchy and allows you to move easily.

Prevent chafing and discomfort

The clothing is sewn with flat seams to minimise the risk of chafing and other discomfort.

Avoid cotton

Cotton is a comfortable material frequently used in clothing, but it is not ideal for active-wear. Cotton gets wet quickly when you perspire because the material does not breathe, and then ends up feeling heavy. It also takes a long time to dry and, if you exercise outdoors in the cold, you will feel cold more quickly.