Bike storage

How you should store your bike differs depending on the type of home you live in, how easily accessible you need to have your bike and what practical conditions you have. There are many smart solutions for bike storage in the form of different types of wall mounts or bike racks. 


The best thing for the bike is if it can be allowed to stand inside a heated garage or in a dry storage room. If your bike is stored in an outdoor bike rack, it will be more exposed to the elements. A good addition if your bike is stored outdoors is to cover it with a water-repellent bike cover.  

Store your bike in a bike rack 

A traditional bike rack can be freestanding in the driveway or garage, or suspended on a wall. In our range you will find bike racks where you can store your bike standing on the ground. You can choose between a bike rack for only one bike, or a rack with space for 5 bikes. 

Wall bracket for bike storage 

Having your bike standing against a wall is a great way to save space. At Biltema you will find different variants of wall brackets and bike hangers, such as, for example, those that allow you to hang your bike up by the front wheel, and therefore be able to easily access it and keep it clean. In our range you will also find bicycle hangers for walls where the bike rests on the rear wheel, and the front wheel is attached to a bracket on the wall. This wall mount is easier for kids to use.  

In addition to the fact that a wall rack for your bike is very practical, a suspended bike can also serve as a stylish interior decoration. Also keep in mind that if you choose to use a wall rack, the wall where you intend to anchor the rack must be able to withstand the extra load.  

Storage rack 

You can also store your bike in a storage rack that stands on the floor and holds the rear wheel up from the ground. Such a rack makes the bike easily accessible and facilitates service work on the drivetrain.