Bike racks

There may be various reasons why you need to buy a bike rack. Some people may need a bike rack to transport their bike to the forest, if the journey to get there is long or not suitable for cycling. Others need a bike rack in order to transport the children's bikes, or to take the bikes on holiday.  

You can find bike racks in several different variants and models. There are bike racks that attach to the roof of the car, a platform model that attaches to a tow hook, and perhaps most common is the scissor model, which is a type of bike rack that also fits onto the car's tow hook. The variant you need depends on your requirements and type of bike. 

Bike carrier with a high maximum load 

For example, if you are going to transport an electric bike, you need a bike rack that is extra stable and can handle a heavier load. In this case a platform rack is the best option because it has a high maximum load and is very secure. If you need to use a bike rack frequently, a platform rack is also a good choice for you, as it is easier to load up. 

Advantages of a platform rack

  • It is easier to load up. 
  • It has a high maximum load. 
  • The bike rack is capable of holding and transporting several bikes on the same rack.  
  • It is lockable, both at the tow hook so that it cannot be lifted off and also at the arms that hold the bikes.  
  • If you are especially worried about your bike, the platform rack is the best choice because the bike sits in such a way that you can avoid scratches and chafing both to the bike and the car. 

Most common bike rack

The most common and simplest bike rack model is the so-called scissor model. This model can be easily folded up, so you can store it in the boot of the car where it will always be available.  

The scissor model is suitable for those who do not need to use a bike rack regularly, as it attaches to the car by clamping around the tow hook. It is quick to assemble and is easy to use. In order for the bikes to sit as securely as possible, you may need to also use pair of luggage straps.  

Roof mounted bike carrier 

A roof-mounted bike rack is easily mounted on the car's existing roof rack/cargo holder. Having the bike on the roof is beneficial because it does not obscure your visibility, as a tow hook mounted bike carrier may do. Your bike is securely attached to the roof carrier and you can leave the carrier on the roof even when you are not using it. 

Another advantage of using a roof-mounted bike rack is that you do not have to worry about the bike obscuring your car’s lights and license plate.  
The thing that you need to pay a little extra attention to when driving with the bikes on the roof is that in, for example, parking garages there may be a low ceiling height, where the bikes are at risk of being damaged.  

Drive legally

It is your responsibility to ensure that you drive legally with your bike rack. It is not illegal to have a bike rack on your car, but it is important that both the lights and license plate are visible once the bikes have been loaded. It is now allowed to use an additional license plate, which can be placed at the rear of the bike rack where it is therefore more visible.