We have the accessories you need for your bike

Bicycle Accessory Buyer’s Guide – equip your bike for an adventure!

With the right accessories and equipment, you will be able to use your bike in new ways! With bicycle lights, you can cycle more safely at night, with mudguards, the rain becomes less of a problem, and with a pair of bicycle panniers, you can go on longer excursions! Biltema has over a hundred accessories for your bike - here we have chosen some of the most popular.

Cycling gloves

The slim design of the cycling gloves give you a good grip on the handlebars, and the gloves protect your hands from injury should you fall. Biltema has a range of cycling gloves and children’s gloves for mountain biking, commuting, racing and winter cycling. The latter are lined and wind- and waterproof to keep your hands warm and dry in severe cold. Many of our gloves have pressure-relieving gel and silicone grips, which ensures a good grip and reduces the risk of injury to your hands!

Bicycle accessories for children

It can be fun to take your child on a bike ride on a sunny day. Biltema has a bicycle child seat if the child wants to ride on your bike, but also stabiliser wheels if the child wants to learn to ride a bike themselves. When the child is out on the pavement, safety is important. That’s why we have reflective vests, bells and bicycle flags as well as other solutions. With this kind of equipment you can ensure that your child is seen as well as heard!

Mountain bike accessories

Do you need accessories for your mountain bike? At Biltema you can find everything from MTB gloves and strong MTB helmets to water bottle holders. Are you planning to ride off-road in the dark and need a bright bicycle light? Then we recommend a powerful bike light of 2000 lumens. Our Bicycle Light 2000lm, with a full 2000 lumens and a wide beam, the light can illuminate the darkest forest paths. You can also attach a GoPro camera to the light using a compatible mount so that you can film and share your night-time adventure.

Bicycle helmets

We have bicycle helmets for different styles, requirements and needs. Several of our models also have the mips system, which is a patented system that can protect you from serious brain injury if you fall off the bike and hit your head. We also have skateboarding helmets and regular bicycle helmets, in child or adult sizes. Looking for a cool helmet that looks good in the dark? Then try our helmet with built-in LED lights front and back. The white light on the sides and the red light at the back make you visible from multiple angles!

Cycle reflectors

Reflectors are clearly visible if, for example, the headlights from a car or bicycle shine towards them when it is dark outside. A set of reflectors on the bike can therefore be the difference between being hit or coming away unscathed. At Biltema, you can therefore invest in reflectors for the front, rear and on the sides of the bike so that you can be seen from whichever direction the car comes.


FAQ about bicycle accessories

What bike accessories are good to have?

It depends on what you’re going to use the bike for. But bicycle helmets, bicycle lights, bike locks and reflectors increase safety, which is important regardless of how you use your bike.

What bike accessories are available for children?

Biltema has lots of accessories for children. For example, we have child bicycle seats for kids who want to sit on the back and stabiliser wheels for those who want to start cycling themselves.

Why should I have bicycle accessories?

Accessories for the bike open up new uses. For example, if you equip your bike with a couple of panniers you can enjoy longer excursions.

Can I maintain the bike myself?

Absolutely! You can easily perform some bicycle maintenance yourself, with the help of the right tools and guidance. Get help from our guides and videos here.