Bike lighting with efficient LED lamps

As the days get shorter and grow darker, it’s high time to check the lights on your bike. It’s imperative to be visible when you are out riding in the dark, which means your bike must be equipped with good bicycle lighting. We will guide you in what to consider when choosing bicycle lighting.


There are two basic concepts when talking about bicycle lighting: SEE and BE SEEN. You must always be visible to others in the dark or in poor visibility conditions. With today’s powerful LED lights, you can essentially choose any light. But to be able to see the road ahead of you, you will need a more powerful light, and we recommend lights of 500 lumen or more. When choosing bicycle lights for your commute to work or school, for example, you need to think about whether or not the road is illuminated. Or if you ride off-road through the forest in the evening when its dark, you will need powerful lighting to ensure that you can see and be seen.

Bicycle lights and children

Making sure our children are visible is extremely important. A common problem is that children forget to turn off the lights when they park their bike at school, which depletes the battery. Biltema has a smart solution for this! In our range you will find lights that switch off using a built-in timer.
The batteries in bicycle lights generally work optimally when kept indoors in the warmth, so it’s advantageous if the bicycle lights have snap-on mounts, which allow them to be quickly removed from the bike. Keeping the bicycle lights indoors also prevents them from being stolen.

Extra functions

As a cyclist, you are relatively unprotected in traffic, which means it’s especially important for other road users to know the direction you intend to turn at an intersection, for example. Extending your arm in the direction you will be turning is necessary, but it is not always easy to see in the dark. And if you’re riding on a slippery surface or have impaired balance, it may be very risky to let go of the handlebar. Indicator lights at the rear of the bike showing your direction of travel will make your cycling safer.

Control - what does the law say?

The law states that you must have a lamp in front that emits white or yellow light, of such brightness that the vehicle can be driven in a reassuring way. The bike must also by law be equipped with a rear light that shows a red light and that can be seen at a distance of 300 meters. The tail light is allowed to flash if the frequency is at least 200 flashes / second. Biltema's bicycle lighting meets all legal requirements.

Check the battery

You should periodically check the bicycle light batteries and make sure they are intact and clean. Also check the position of the lights so that they do not dazzle fellow road users and are not obscured.


In our range you will find bicycle lights with replaceable batteries and bicycle lights with rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries have different capacities and thus different burn times. Some lights have different brightness modes, where you can select a dimmer brightness to save battery power. Consider which option suits your needs best before purchasing your bike lights.