SMF batteries

Here you will find our range of maintenance-free and gas-tight SMF batteries for motorcycles. The advantage of an SMF battery compared to a conventional battery with opening caps, is its longer service life and no need to refill the battery water.

Areas of use

The SMF batteries are very reliable and can handle both many charges and discharges. The battery housing is reinforced with polypropylene and integrated flame retardant, which makes it resistant to vibrations and knocks. This makes the batteries well suited for use in motorcycles, where strong vibrations and external stresses arise. It is a battery that can withstand tilting up to 45°, which also reduces the risk of acid leakage.

Recycle your battery

Old vehicle batteries are considered hazardous waste and must therefore be handed in to a recycling centre or to the distributor from which you purchase a new battery to ensure that they are recycled correctly.
Before recycling your batteries, we advise you to check which local rules and guidelines must be followed when recycling hazardous waste.