What creates the Christmas atmosphere?

What creates the Christmas atmosphere?

It is already dark outside when you go home from work, but the thought that in the evening you can relax and enjoy a freshly baked crispy Christmas cake and a steaming hot mulled wine makes you in a good mood. At the same time, you can focus on, say, the flames in the fire or something else that you enjoy. When the days are at their darkest, it is more important than ever to do things at home and enjoy the small moments. It's Christmas only once a year, so it's best to get the most of it. For others, Christmas can be more of a state of mind of peace, when you remember those you like and love, do things and have a cosy time at home or in the cottage.

The upcoming holiday is a good reason to start decorating the home in good time and create the right atmosphere; you can make unique Christmas decorations yourself, you can spend unimaginable amounts of time planning the Christmas lights, and in some homes the Christmas tree is taken out and decorated already in November. Others prepare for Christmas by taking it easy, without decorating or baking. That is exactly what is so good about Christmas - you can celebrate it exactly as you like. No matter what type of preparation you go in for, Biltema's ideas and products will help you succeed at Christmas, safely and at a great price.

Do things yourself

Nothing creates a Christmas mood in the same way as a self-made Christmas card from a friend or family member. A card made by a close and dear person that flops into the mailbox elicits a smile on the recipient's lips and warm thoughts in the mind.

A wreath on the door evokes a Christmas atmosphere both with you and with the neighbours. By making the wreath yourself, you can easily give vent to your creativity, because you can make the wreath of almost anything.

With decorations that you have made yourself, you dress a unique personal Christmas tree. Crocheted snowflakes, elves made out of cardboard, bake gingerbread figures, garnish them with icing and hang them on the Christmas tree. The great thing about gingerbread decorations is that you can feast on them when you plunder the Christmas tree.
Christmas crafts can at best arouse great satisfaction of insight, success and creativity, and certainly do not have to be difficult or expensive. What if you were to hang a hand-made decorative trees with candles in the window or on the wall this Christmas?


Rig up the lighting and decorate the home

It is pitch dark outside, but thankfully the lighting you have designed spreads a warm atmosphere in the home. Christmas offers an excellent reason to liven up the darkest period of the year with hand-made decorations. In many homes, the Christmas celebrations begin with hanging Christmas light strands, e.g. in the garden and windows or on the balcony. You can also decorate the interior of the home with light strands. Also for this Christmas, Biltema has supplemented the range with a variety of and reasonably-priced lighting strands, which can be combined into real works of art of light.
Many of them are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our range of shining polar stars has also been extended. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a shining star in glittering gold or silver in the window instead of the traditional red or white?


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Santa Clauses

No Christmas without Santa’s helpers! Are you a friend of traditional Santa Clauses, or would you rather see some more modern Santa Clauses in your home this Christmas? In our decorative range you’re sure to find the elves who’ll feel best at home with you.

You find our santas here

Bake for Christmas, put some in the freezer

Christmas is a time not only for crafts and candles, but also for different tastes and scents. You can start working on the Christmas cake well in advance because you can freeze the pastries and then easily thaw them when it's time to set the Christmas coffee table.
In Biltema’s home department you’ll find, apart from baking implements different freezer-safe bags and boxes. Gingerbread cookies are supposed to keep fresh and crispy for up to a couple of months in a storage jar made of sheet metal or glass - unless they are eaten fresh!


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A peaceful Christmas at the cottage

Peace and nature, dusk and peaceful pursuits. At the cottage, the Christmas atmosphere can be really special. Light and lighting are especially important in the dark of the surrounding nature. You create light, glitter and warm light by hanging light creations in the windows, lighting a fire in the fireplace or stove and lighting candles and cressets outdoors. Arrange cressets in atmospheric rows or patterns in the yard. They are nice to look at while enjoying the warmth under a soft blanket.
As at home, you create the right Christmas atmosphere in the cottage by baking and doing crafts. A hand-knotted mobile phone looks lovely suspended from the roof of the living room in the cottage. You can once again hang feeding stations on the branches for the birds and follow their play.

Burn candles and enjoy life

Sure, Christmas comes every year, despite decorations, light strands and baking. It can be enough to light candles, spend time with loved ones and sip steaming hot mulled wine wrapped in a blanket while the Christmas carols flow from the speakers .. Thought is the most important thing - also at Christmas!


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