Buy an artificial Christmas tree - there are many advantages!

Buy an artificial Christmas tree - there are many advantages!

Many of us have sometimes been out in the cold and either chopped down our own tree or bought one from a tree seller. A Christmas tree is awkward to take home, it is prickly and drops needles even before you put it into the Christmas tree base. Once it is in place, it also requires care in the form of watering and preferably a little bit of sugar from time to time.

The question of a real tree or an artificial one is a real watershed. And of course having a real Christmas tree, which you have chosen yourself, is cosy. But the alternative to a real Christmas tree, an artificial tree, is in many ways superior.

Advantages of artificial trees

The advantages of a nice artificial tree are many, and there is a long list of satisfied artificial tree owners.

Advantages of artificial Christmas trees

  • Doesn’t drop needles
  • Maintenance free
  • Needs no water
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to put up
  • Keeps for many years
  • You avoid the uninvited insects that may be hiding in the Christmas tree

We could have continued to list the benefits of an artificial Christmas tree, but we think you’ve got the point. An artificial tree can sometimes be a little more expensive to buy than a real one, but don’t forget that the artificial tree is something you will be able to use for many years to come.

Artificial trees are good for allergy sufferers

Runny eyes or a stuffed-up nose shouldn’t be part of Christmas. Many people get these symptoms as soon as they bring a real Christmas tree into the home. An artificial tree on the other hand is made of plastic, and therefore very allergy-friendly. So it's a good option if someone in the family is allergic, or if any of your guests are. 

Do you miss the smell of Christmas?

For many, the smell of a tree characterises Christmas and they cannot imagine Christmas without it. But there are other ways to fill the house with the fragrance of Christmas. For example, you can buy scented candles with the scent of Christmas. Or why not put together cinnamon sticks yourself and hang them up? Another option is to fill the house with the smell of Christmas baking - gingerbread always smells delicious!

Practical and long-term

An artificial tree is really an investment, because you don’t have to buy a new one every year. You can also, with a clear conscience, pick up and decorate it with Christmas baubles whenever you want. You never have to worry about it starting to drop needles before Christmas Eve - it stays just as good looking all the time.

Do you usually celebrate Christmas in the cottage? If so, it can feel a bit cumbersome to put up a Christmas tree that needs to be watered and cared for, because you may not be there that many days, or you may go away and come back again. Christmas in the cottage can certainly be celebrated with an artificial tree instead - you don’t have to take care of it or worry about it standing and dropping needles when you are not there.

Find your artificial Christmas tree here

Built-in lights

The Christmas tree baubles and lights are among the most important and most personal things on the Christmas tree. We all have our favourite baubles, some that may have been inherited over generations and others that are simply close to our hearts. Christmas tree lights are also a mood booster and together with the baubles they create that magical Christmas feeling.

Anyone who has ever put up Christmas tree lights knows that it can test your patience and the thorny needles can even be painful. Some artificial trees offer an effective solution to this - built-in lights. How easy does that sound?

Christmas lighting indoors

So embrace Christmas with an artificial tree; you won’t regret it!

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