Decorate the Christmas Tree – make your own Christmas ornaments with your family

In many homes, the Christmas tree is a magical centrepiece during Christmas. It brightens the winter darkness, its glittering Christmas baubles create a Christmas atmosphere, and offers a sense of excitement and anticipation when Christmas presents are placed under it.

It’s finally time to decorate the Christmas tree! So put on your most Christmassy playlist, warm the mulled wine, and set out a platter of gingerbread and Christmas sweets. Gather your family and make decorating the Christmas tree a cosy family activity.


6 tips for decorating the Christmas tree

1. Christmas tree mat

Place Christmassy mat where you want your Christmas tree to stand. Make sure it’s clean and not damaged before placing the Christmas tree on it.

2. Christmas tree stand

The first step is always to place your Christmas tree in a stand, regardless of whether you have a plastic tree or a real tree. Place the stand directly on the Christmas tree mat, then you will not have to move the entire Christmas tree later.
Make sure that the Christmas tree is perfectly straight before securing it in the stand. If you have a real tree, then fill the Christmas tree stand with water.

Do you want to conceal the Christmas tree stand?
Buy a Christmas tree basket that conceals the stand and elegantly frames the tree!

3. Christmas tree lights

Christmas tree lights come in a variety of designs. Some people like to hang string lights in the tree, while others prefer individual Christmas lights. No matter the type of Christmas tree lights you have, when placing them in the tree you should always start from the top and work your way down, while walking around the tree.
Tip! Check out our LED Christmas tree lights with wireless control, which means you won’t have visible cords in the Christmas tree.

4. Christmas tree garlands and tinsel

Do you want to decorate your Christmas tree with garlands and tinsel? Put these up before you place the Christmas baubles so that you don’t risk knocking the baubles off. Here, too, you should start from the top and work your way down to the bottom of the tree.

5. Christmas baubles and ornaments

This is when the real fun begins! It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree with baubles and other ornaments. It’s the Christmas decorations that make your Christmas tree personal, so don’t be afraid to go all out with colours and tinsel.

Many people choose to decorate their Christmas trees with traditional red Christmas tree baubles, but there is no right or wrong when it comes to Christmas tree decoration. And why not make your own Christmas baubles or ornaments to hang on the tree? Bead pegboards, paper figurines, or small handmade wooden Santas. Let your creativity flow!

The star on top

Last but not least, the star needs to be placed at the top of the tree. The Christmas tree star looks different depending on which home you visit. Some have the classic star, while others let a sceptre or heart adorn the top of the fir tree.

Our Christmas tree decorations

Make your own Christmas tree ornaments

Gather the whole family and create decorative and personalised Christmas ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. You are only limited by your imagination, so be creative and use materials that you may already have at home.

Below we list our best tips for do-it-yourself Christmas favourites to hang on the Christmas tree.

  • Paint and decorate wooden figurines.
  • Decorate Christmas baubles with glitter or paste on personal pictures.
  • Crochet Christmas hearts or stars.
  • Make bead pegboards in the shape of stars, snowflakes or hearts.
  • Paint and decorate cones and hang them with twine.
  • Cut hearts, stars, or other figures out of aluminium moulds or leftover tealight holders.
  • Make stars out of gift wrap or cellophane.

Color and painting


Beads and crafts

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