Garden toys

Garden toys - bringing play outdoors

Does your child love to play around outdoors and enjoy nature?
Then there are many great opportunities and activities to pick up here with us. At Biltema we sell a huge range of quality products that create joy for both large and small.
We have amassed a large selection of garden toys and exciting play equipment for children, which can be used both on the lawn, tarmac and in the sand. This way you can stimulate and entertain your child, regardless of how you live.
So unleash your imagination with toys that encourage play, learning and creative expression! Discover our exciting range and bring home your child's new favourite toys today.

Play activities without age restriction

Most games have no age limit. This also applies to those that take place outdoors. There is no limit to the development of play and creativity.
We have been inspired by this in our composition of play equipment for outdoor use. In our range you will find toys that invite play for all ages and different age groups.
Let little sister and big brother find each other by playing with soap bubbles, or let your child and a playmate decorate the street with colourful asphalt chalks. Our toys encourage lots of communal plays with friends or siblings, where kids can enjoy themselves together outdoors.

Make practical chores in the garden into a game

Why not combine play and practical tasks so that the fun surpasses anything boring?
In our range you’ll find a watering can and a garden set for your child, so that gardening can become an activity for the whole family. Then you can be helped with gardening while you have a good time and fun together.
Give your child a sense of helping at the same time as the game is going on. Among our range you'll also find a lawnmower and wheelbarrow in a toy version, so your child can feel like a little helpful gardener on the side.
The toys can keep your child busy so you can get your gardening done, but can also contribute a sense of community as you as a family gather around an activity in the garden.

Take your child out in the natural world

It can sometimes be difficult to lure one's child out into the wild and away from all the exciting toys and electronics indoors. Outdoor toys are key!
Once your child has got its eyes open for the toy's potential, the simplest utensils can actually lead to equally good and fun games. Here the imagination and creativity can really be unleashed, because the child itself can control the play and allow itself to be inspired without too many impulses from other things.

Taking advantage of the fine weather

There's nothing better than enjoying the weather outdoors when the sun looks ahead or the summer heat indulges us.
Take advantage of the opportunity when it's here. Collect the whole family outdoors in the garden, on the terrace or elsewhere, and let your child enjoy themselves with toys that can easily withstand getting dirty or getting a few knocks without breaking.

Order your child's new garden toys for outdoor use

Is it time to enjoy the nice weather in the garden or spend a nice moment in the playground?
Get ready for a fun day with toys for outdoor use. Biltema has something for all age groups, allowing kids to play outdoors all day long.
Order the latest garden toys from Biltema already today.