Sand toys

Sand toys that stimulate the imagination

Do you like spending a day at the beach with the whole family? And do your children miss something to play with when you're away?
Rake, build and shape in the sand with sand toys from Biltema. Here you will find bucketloads of play and fun for the sand and you can give your children the best day on the beach – or in the sandpit at home.
Take a look at the wide range on this site and get a complete sand set for full entertainment and play in the sand. 

Play, learning and stimulation with the bucket

The most unpretentious and simple toy is often the one that goes home the most with the little ones. Here they can develop their own creativity and engage in games that arise from their own imagination. And what's better than letting it happen in the sand when you're away on a trip out?
Sand is fun and clever for children to play in, and it becomes even more exciting with beach toys, where children's minds can be stimulated and challenged. And which toy is more classic and useful than a proper bucket to carry the sand in, and build sandcastles with?

Give your kids the best memories on the beach with sand toys

Who doesn't remember the joy of being able to put the finishing touches to a sandcastle or a sand sculpture that you've been working on for hours?
Pass the joy on to your children. Building sandcastles on the beach gives most people a nostalgic feeling, which is usually based on a great joy and satisfaction in doing something yourself.
Let your children have the same chance to create unforgettable memories by the water and build the sandcastle of their life. And don't you think you want to help and share the joy with them?

In our range you will find beach sets that contain several shovels and rakes. You can also click home toy buckets so you can build tall towers and sandcastles in several layers. Then it will certainly be nice on the beach, where you and the whole family can gather around a joint, fun and creative project.

Entertainment for all ages

In our range you will find beach toys for all ages, large and small.
If you have the very smallest ones on the beach, you can find small vehicles that they can enjoy under the umbrella in the shade. If it's time to cool off with a dip, you can take a toy ship into the water, so that your child can both feel safe with a familiar thing while playing untethered.

Toys for all places with sand or water

Is the boat not facing the beach, but a completely different place?

Our toys can also create great joy in places other than the water. Take them with you when your trip takes you to the playground, where there is a large and lovely sandpit. Here they can also be used to turn a large, boring sandbox into a pure paradise for play and stimulation.
If you have difficulty attracting your children in the bathtub, they can also be used as a distraction and entertainment in the bath. Not all children are as fond of swimming, but the toys can make it a fun pleasure – even for the adults who can now sit back.

Get play and learning at a cheap price

At Biltema you can get hours of good entertainment for children at low prices. Here all wallets can be included so that you and the whole family can have a fun time together, no matter where the trip takes you.
Buy a practical and fun toy set and let your imagination free!