Vehicles for kids who love speed and pace

Is your child crazy about cars, tractors or other vehicles?
Then any of our vehicles for children are guaranteed to bring great smiles and happiness! We can almost guarantee that your child will not be able to get enough once it has tried any of the vehicles.

A vehicle gives your child hours of fun and entertainment. If your child has a favourite vehicle in the form of either a scooter, tractor or race car, you can find a miniature model in our range. Then your child can have their dreams fulfilled by having their very own.
Explore our wide range of vehicles for kids on this page and get the variant that suits your child.

Let joy accelerate at full speed

Our toy cars can reach an average maximum speed of 3 kilometres per hour, so you have full control over your child's safety. Therefore, your child's joy at the toy car is guaranteed to increase at a much higher speed, making even the most curious and adventurous savage enchanted.

A vehicle for the small speed freak

Has your child always had a penchant for cars?
Then an electric toy car, or a vehicle with pedals, will stand out as the best gift. Surprise your child on their birthday or make a  weekday fantastic, no matter when it's set up for hours of fun play and outdoor entertainment.

The child can honk and drive away while you follow along by the side. All it takes is a push on the accelerator pedal, so your child can play a little speed freak in their own car, tractor or other favourite vehicle.

Vehicles for children – at low prices

Buying a car can quickly become an expensive business. But at Biltema you can buy your child's own miniature car cheaply and at the same time create great joy.
Explore the wide range here – and let your child's early motor dreams come true.