7 tips for lighting in your garden

7 tips for lighting in your garden

Outdoor lighting brings life and atmosphere to your garden, but can also serve as reassurance when darkness settles. By deploying different types of lighting, in different places in the garden, you create dynamics and a cosy outdoor environment.

It does not matter whether you have a big garden or a small patio, with the right type of outdoor lighting you can create the most magical environment for cosy late summer dinners or decoration during the darker evenings of autumn. An illuminated outdoor environment can also be a contributing factor to discouraging thieves.

Here are some suggestions on what can be good to think about when lighting your garden.


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1. Different light sources

To create an effective light scene, you can place different types of light sources at different locations in the garden. Vary between strong and slightly weaker light sources and let the distances become larger the stronger light sources you have. By varying the intensity of the light sources, you can also create depth in the garden, by placing the strongest lamps at the far end and the weaker ones closer.

2. LED lights

LED lamps both consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than standard halogen lighting. You can choose between LED lamps with a warm or cold light and place these strategically in the garden. Keep in mind that warm light can be a better fit near the patio, where you spend a lot of time.

3. Let your plants shine

Play with the lighting and shapes that are already in your garden. Dress the bushes with light nets, decorate the path with solar lamps, let the tree trunk sparkle with the help of light loops or highlight your most beautiful flowers with a spotlight. Try out different types of light sources and brightness. When you want to illuminate lush plants, our tip is to use colder light, as it emphasises the greenery a little more.

4. Create light effects with solar lights

Let the structure of the garden play a decisive factor in how you light up your outdoor environment. Don’t use too strong lights in the foreground, as they distort the light from the weaker lights in the background. Place your lighting at different levels, with for example ground lighting, spotlights that illuminate the treetops, light loops in the bushes and a lantern at the entrance to the house. Use solar cell lamps, which light up when darkness creeps in and go out when morning arrives.

5. Enjoy the lighting from inside

Make sure you place the outdoor lighting so you can enjoy the cosy outdoor environment even when you are indoors. Maybe you have a big tree that you can see from the dining table? Light up the trunk with a spotlight!
Or thread a light loop around the balcony railing or along the patio fence. Maybe you can place some extra lighting outside the children's bedroom to create a sense of security in the dark?

6. Light up the facade

Dressing the facade of the house with outdoor lighting creates a welcoming and homely feel. It is often most attractive to use the same type of light sources on the facade of the house, to create a stylish overall feeling. Take the opportunity to add a little extra lighting to the entrance, and maybe you have a house number on the facade that needs to be visible in the dark?

7. Use a timer

There is often no need to have the outdoor lighting on all night. In addition to saving electricity and thus money, you also do not disturb nocturnal animals and birds that can be bothered by the lighting at night. Connect the lighting to a timer and decide for yourself when the lights should be switched on and off. Or use lamps with light sensors. In this way, the lighting is switched on when someone or something moves in the garden.

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