Decorate Your Garden

Setting up garden furniture is the first step to getting ready for spring and summer. It reminds us to set our clocks to summer time, it makes the garden more vibrant and, above all, it makes us dream about all the warm, sunny days ahead. Not least of all, spring allows us to start decorating the garden exactly the way we want!

Garden furniture

We have a wide range of high-quality and stylish outdoor furniture in durable materials such as wood, synthetic rattan, plastic, powder-coated steel and texteline fabric. Our outdoor furniture is hardy and weatherproof, and does not require special maintenance, making it perfect for the Nordic climate. Simply put, you get good quality at affordable prices, and furniture that will last for many summers.

Decorate with outdoor furniture

A garden is ideal for children to play and for adults to socialise, and you can use garden furniture to create different areas and spaces.

If you have a large patio, you can decorate it with a large dining table and comfortable reclining chairs for the whole family to gather around and enjoy cosy dinners. For smaller patios, a café table and a few basic garden chairs are perfect! Or why not invest in a garden bench for your children and their friends to sit on and enjoy a snack?

Also make sure to buy cosy and comfortable cushions for your chairs, which also provide some warmth when the evening creeps in. Do you need someplace to store your cushions when they are not being used? No problem, check out our handy cushion box that will keep your cushions dry and clean.

Our wide range of outdoor furniture

Lounge around on lounge furniture

Our lounge furniture is also of a high quality thanks to weatherproof and durable materials, such as synthetic rattan, plastic, powder-coated steel and texteline fabric. The furniture materials don’t require any special maintenance and will look good for many years to come.

The materials allow the lounge furniture to stand outdoors in your garden, but the furniture is also ideal for a conservatory or balcony.

What’s better than settling down on a comfy couch and relaxing with a cold drink in your hand? Decorate your garden with comfortable lounge furniture that also adds a bit of luxury. Set up garden lighting to create a cosy atmosphere around your lounge furniture so that you can sit and socialise after the sun goes down. We have everything from cool ground spotlights to deck lights that can be placed on patio decking, stone slabs or stairs. No matter the type of garden lighting you choose, they all accentuate your patio and enhance the atmosphere in different spaces in your garden.

You find our lounge furniture amongst our garden furniture

Soak up the sun

The spring sun brings some much needed warmth, and we surely all long for it to be warm enough so that we can get out our sun chairs and lie down with a good book? Invest in a comfortable wheeled sunbed that you can easily move around to follow the sun, or even a hammock to unwind in on lazy days. If you need a break from the sun, you can easily create a shady and relaxing area with a parasol or sun canopy

We have yearned for spring and lovely days spent in the garden, and we can’t wait to get all our outdoor furniture in place. Do you feel the same?

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