Comfort and Safety in Your Car

Comfort and Safety in Your Car

We spend a lot of time in our cars – on the way to work, on roads trips with the family, or with one of our four-legged friends on the way to the forest. Many final destinations, but they all have one thing in common. We want to get there safely and comfortably.

Many factors are involved to make us feel safe in our cars. We all have different preferences and needs, and here at Biltema we have something for all car lovers – whether it’s starter cables, child safety seats, or smart storage for the boot.

Children in the car

Children are the most precious cargo! With kids in the car, safety is always the highest priority and not something that should ever be compromised.

A collision at 40 km/h, without being strapped into a proper child restraint system, can be sufficient to cause serious injury to a child.*

Smaller children need extra protection during the drive. They need a certified and proper child safety seat, which is approved for their height and weight. It is important that you follow current recommendations concerning the type of child safety seat you should buy. The child’s height and weight determine whether you should have a infant safety seat, booster seat or a booster cushion.

Keep an eye on kids in the back

We can probably all agree that having your child in the back while you are driving can be stressful. You don’t always know what’s going on in the back. A smart solution is to mount a rear seat mirror. Rear seat mirrors allow you to safely see your rear-facing child in the back seat. And your child can see you in the mirrors, a smart solution that can reduce a lot of stress.


Keep an eye on your kids - With a rear seat mirror, you can easily see the children in the back seat.

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Comfort on long journeys

Is the whole family going on a road trip? Or do you commute far to work? Sitting comfortably in the car is important, both for your body and mind.

For example, a comfortable magnetic and massage seat, which stimulates blood circulation, can do wonders for your back while providing good ventilation between the seat and back. Also make sure to equip the car with comfortable neck cushions for the passengers, sun protection for the windows, or a smart beverage holder. Or maybe a smart cooler that keeps the drinks and food cold on the journey?

Order and storage in the car

If you have children, animals or fellow passengers in the car, you need to have space for all their stuff. When going on a skiing trip, the boot is often filled to its breaking point, and you may even need to fill a roof box to fit everyone’s equipment.

Find your roof box here

In addition to a roof box, there are many other smart storage solutions for the car. Equip the front seats with a seat back organiser, so that children can store their colouring books, iPads and road snacks.

Boot storage

You can also organise storage in the boot. With the help of boot organisers, cargo nets or boot bags, you can sort your luggage efficiently and prevent small items from flying around and creating mess. A paradise for the orderly!

10 things you should have in your car:

  • Hi-vis vest
  • Warning triangle (mandatory)
  • First aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Water bottle
  • Torch
  • Sunglasses
  • Lock oil
  • Tow rope

* Figures taken from the Swedish Transport Agency's website.
Read more on their website

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