How to Prepare Your Garden for Summer

How to Prepare Your Garden for Summer

The sun is getting warmer and it’s time to prepare your garden and yard for summer. Let’s take look at how you can do so easily – and affordably!

Get your hedge under control

Hedges must be groomed regularly, and if your hedge has lost its shape, then it is often only pruning that helps. With an electric hedge trimmer, the tough work becomes easier, while a manual hedge trimmer helps with the finishing touches to create a neat hedge. 

All the debris that falls to ground can be collected in a garden waste container. You can then use a compost grinder to cut twigs and branches less than 4 cm in diameter, after which it can be used under the hedge or as flowerbed mulch. Evergreen hedges or bare hedges can be pruned in the spring before the buds appear. Many others are best to prune in July-September.
A general tip is that the hedge should be the widest at the bottom, so that the plant does not become sparse at the bottom and light is able to reach the entire plant. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses when working!


Well maintained lawn

It doesn’t have to be that hard to get a freshly cut and well-groomed lawn, as long as you have the right equipment.
For example, a dethatcher/verticutter is a tool that makes it easier for the lawn to absorb water, fertiliser and oxygen. An advantage of the vertical cutting function is that it cuts grooves in the lawn so that air enters through the grass roots. Therefore, machines with two options are also called lawn aerators, and they can collect plenty of moss only after a couple of rounds in the garden. 

Next is fertilising. All you need for this is grass fertiliser and a spreader cart. Remember to water the fertiliser after spreading if there’s no rain expected. Spread about 2.5 kg/100 m2. 

Lawn mowing

If you prep your lawn in the spring, you’ll have less work over the summer. All you’ll need to do is water it when necessary. A newer lawn benefits from frequent watering, and four to five times a day is the pro approach. An established lawn, on the other hand, can handle some dryness and does not need to be watered as often, as long as it is watered thoroughly on occasion. By using a soaker hose, you can easily reduce the time spent watering.

Different lawn mowers

As for lawnmowers, the range is wide. We have small robotic lawnmowers and trimmers to larger ride-on lawnmowers, depending on your garden and your needs. 

Petrol-powered lawnmowers can cut both tall and wet lawns, and can easily cope with some slopes and tufts. If you opt for a battery-powered lawnmower, you won’t have to worry about the cord, and they are often also a little quieter.
Electric lawnmowers also don’t emit exhaust fumes and are easy to maintain, while robotic lawnmowers mow the grass without your help. A toy lawnmower doesn’t do much good on the lawn itself, but it will at least keep your kids entertained while you work.


Ingenious machine series

A grass trimmer is ideal for precision work in corners and along edges. The positive thing is that there are machines with a common battery compartment, which allows you to use the same battery in your hedge trimmer. The battery pack and battery charger are sold separately. 

Our Multi-X series


Freshen up your patio

Your patio must endure the cold winter with low temperatures. We recommend using a patio washer that is gentle, but at the same time effectively cleans the patio. Patio washers are often kinder to surfaces than high pressure washers. Biltema’s model can be easily connected to a high pressure washer. 


A patio cleaner

Patio cleaner is a good addition to the cleaning. The cleaner removes dirt, vegetation, and discolouration. Patio cleaner is also strong, so it is often necessary to treat the patio afterwards (when the patio is clean and dry), with wood stain or wood oil. If you wash your patio regularly, house wash can be used. Just remember to use the right mixing ratio.

Time for painting

Painting is an integral part of the work you do on your patio and home exterior. Biltema’s exterior paint has received top results in Folksam’s environmental test and was one of three designated Good Choice in a selection of 46 of the market's most common outdoor paints.

The Pro brush with an angled handle is a convenient and popular paintbrush. It is suitable for all types of paint and can be used to give exteriors, fences, and roofs a good coat of paint.


For some, a thorough wash of the exterior may be enough this year. With house wash, you can get the surfaces clean, especially if you are going to paint afterwards. Use a brush or low pressure sprayer on larger surfaces. A good tip is to apply the washing solution from the bottom upwards; this will prevent streaking.

Use a brush or sponge to remove the worst dirt and rinse off with plenty of water. If you are going to paint, it’s important to let it dry properly first: Painting can be done when the moisture content of the timber is lower than 18%, which you can measure with a moisture gauge.

Good to remember when painting

  • The moisture and humidity level in the wood should be below 18% and it is best to use a moisture and humidity measuring device to check. Measure several places, including exposed surfaces such as end wood and shaded surfaces to get a correct result.
  • The best weather to paint in is on a cloudy day, with a temperature above 5 degrees. Do not paint in sunlight - then the paint may dry too quickly and you risk stains.
  • Do not paint in rainy weather or on days with over 80% humidity. However, if you absolutely have to paint on a rainy day, you can cover with a tarp.

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