Everything You Need for Your Cat

Everything You Need for Your Cat

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you always have someone waiting for you at home when you step inside the door. A feeling that most cat owners share. Because the fact is a cat can improve your health, reduce stress and offer so much happiness and closeness.

They meow, purr, claw and climb. Although when they tear down the Christmas tree ornaments for the tenth time, you might even sometimes wonder why you got a cat? But then they rub against your leg and everything is forgiven. Besides the most important thing, which is love, there are also some practical things your cat needs to be happy, and we have exactly what you and your feline friend need!


Cat carrier

A cat carrier needs to fill many criteria, some practical and some aesthetic. It is important that you buy a cat carrier that suits your cat. It must be the right size. Your cat should be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier – the more space the better. The carrier must also be appropriate for your cat’s weight. When taking your cat on the road, you will need a carrier that it is robust, comfortable and easy to carry.

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Grant your cat freedom 

Most cats love being outdoors and running around freely, which is not always easy to ensure when you are not at home. But with a practical and convenient cat door, your cat can easily decide when to go out and come back in again. But for your cat’s sake – and your own – make sure to put a reflective collar on your cat so that it will be visible when running about in the dark. Also, don’t forget to attach a name tag to the collar, on which you write your name and phone number.

Buy a cat basket!

Four rooms and kitchen. With open floor plan and a sea view.

That’s usually how ads for properties sound to pique our interest.

But what do you think of this? Soft, fluffy and perfect for a nice nap. Varied views and the possibility of both evening and morning sun. Easy to clean and close to eateries and other amenities. 24/7 service, including food, toys and cat treats.
Doesn’t that sound appealing – and what cat would turn it down? So, spoil your cat with a really comfy cat basket or cat cave.

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Litter box

Of course, your cat also needs somewhere to answer the call of nature: in a litter box. It’s important to choose a litter box based on the size of your cat. A large cat needs a large litter box to ensure that there is enough space for the cat to feel comfortable.

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Cat trees and toys

An active and stimulated cat is a happy cat! A cat is often alone at home for several hours a day, so it’s important to give it things to entertain itself with. Buy a cat tree that your cat can climb and rest on, or a scratching post or pad on which your cat can satisfy its need to scratch. Different types of toys are also essential for a happy cat! Try one of our cat toys containing catnip!

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