My horse – in the stables with Miriam

My horse – in the stables with Miriam

The smell of hay, the sound of neighing horses, and the diligent riders who help clean out the stalls are the first things one notices when entering the red stables. An inquisitive white muzzle emerges from the stall on the left, and I greet it by patting it gently.

I find Miriam inside stall 5, the entrance of which is adorned with gold letters spelling out the name Trulle.
- Hello! Welcome! This is my best friend Trulle, says Miriam as she strokes Trulle’s mane and he snorts contentedly.

There’s no mistaking the joy in Miriam’s eyes when she talks about Trulle, and I ask her how often she visits Trulle in the stables.
- Every day after school and sometimes even in the morning when I have time, she answers enthusiastically. Trulle needs to be fed at least twice a day.

We soon start talking about how time consuming it is to take care of a horse, and Miriam explains to me that horses have similar needs to us humans.
- They need food and water, exercise, social interaction and love – every day.


Horse and rider - Miriam and Trulle are best friends.


Order - Both horses and riders feel best when the stable is cleaned and in order.

Groom your horse 

Miriam also says that it’s important for the horse to be groomed and that its hooves are trimmed. Grooming a horse involves brushing off dirt, and it should preferably be done every day and before each ride.
Grooming the horse before riding reduces the risk of dirt causing chafing under the horse’s saddle or bridle. Grooming also increases blood circulation in the horse’s muscles and makes the coat shine.

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Equipment in the stable

As we walk through the aisle together, Miriam tells me about the different sections in the stables and how important it is to keep things organised. Among other things, they use special hangers for bridles and saddles, along with tie rings to hang tools, grooming bags and other equipment.

The horses are kept in boxes or stalls, and it is important to clean these daily for the wellbeing of the horses.

It’s important to have good equipment when cleaning, so that you do not have to put too much strain on your back. Equipment should be a suitable length and not be too heavy.

It is also important not to twist your back too much when lifting. Miriam shows me how to step and turn your body, so as not to risk hurting your back when turning. 

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Horse equipment

Choosing the right equipment for your horse can sometimes feel like navigating a jungle due to the wide range of products available. But it is important that you have good and suitable equipment for your horse’s wellbeing and for riding to be fun. To take care of your horse and be able to ride it, you need:

  • Grooming equipment
  • Saddle and bridle
  • Leather care for the saddle
  • Leg wraps for the horse
  • Saddlecloth under the saddle
  • Horseshoes
  • Halter
  • Horse feed
It’s also very important for the health of the horse to give it a mineral lick, so that it can regulate its salt and liquid balance and get essential minerals and trace elements.

After helping Miriam prepare Trulle for today’s ride out in the paddock and seeing first-hand the magical bond they share, it’s time to say goodbye. Trulle sticks out his muzzle and I stroke it lightly while patting him on the mane. Then Miriam takes the reins and Trulle responds by trotting off towards the big paddock.


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