Summer fun in the garden!

Summer has finally arrived, and we have everything you need to take advantage of lazy summer days at home in the garden.

This summer, there may be many who have already planned a holiday abroad. But the summer is long, and hopefully there will be many hot summer days at home in Sweden as well. With thousands of products in the range, you will find the summer products for the whole family with us.


Not a cloud in the sky, the temperature gauge has crept above 20 degrees and not a gust of wind can be felt. Then it's quite nice to have a pool right outside the door, isn't it? We have a large selection, whether you are looking for a smaller pool for the children or a larger pool for the whole family.

Do you want a pool that can be used all year round?
Then maybe a spa bath is for you?

Also check out our cool water slide! All you need is a slope you can place the slide in before connecting it to the water hose in the garden.


How to keep your pool clean

If you have a large pool, it is important to have good pool care and cleaning. First of all, it's smart to ask all bathers to shower before diving into the pool. You can easily solve this with a garden shower. Our elegant variant comes in black PVC, with a small 18 liter water tank and a wheel to regulate the temperature. The water in the water tank is heated by the sun.

Pool care

When it comes to pool care, there are more things you can do to keep your water fresh and clear. Among other things, it is important to have control over the pH of the water. The pH should be between 7 and 7.4, and this you can easily measure with test strips.

With chlorine tablets, you make sure to keep the pool water disinfected and clearer, and contribute to clean water and prevent coating. If the chlorine and pH values are correct, but the water is still cloudy, you should use flocculants. The flocculant traps small particles of dirt that otherwise pass through the filter, and binds up iron and other metals that can discolor the water.

More tips on how to keep your pool clean you can find here.

Sun and relaxation

The summer can be hectic, but if you make sure to have comfortable relaxation zones in place, it is easy to settle down even if you only have half an hour available. Do you love life in hammocks, but have no trees to hang it between? We have solved this with a smart stand for the hammock.

Make sure you have comfortable relaxation zones in place

We have everything you need when it comes to outdoor furniture, and we have something that is suitable for both large and small patios. For example, check out our huge hamock that can be quickly and easily converted into a daybed if you lower the backrest.

On the warmest days, it is still nice to sit outside even though the sun has gone down and then solar lamps make it even cozier. A lovely fleece blanket also makes it easy to keep warm when the sun has set.

Cooler bag

Whether you are going on a trip or just want to avoid having to run in and out to pick up food and cutlery, our cooler bag with crockery is perfect! Also check out the smart cooling and heating box that can be connected to electricity. The box keeps food and drink cold or warm, and is just as useful in the car and boat as it is for temporary storage in the garden.

Our cooling bags


Dogs in the sun

On hot days, it is extra important to take care of our four-legged friends. If you have a dog, a cooling mat can be a smart investment. Also, don't forget that your dog should always have access to fresh water – we have a number of water bowls of all sizes. If you're going to travel, a collapsible water bowl might be smart.

We even have a good selection of different goodies for your best friend, check it out here.


Garden play

No summer without play and fun, and we have lots of outdoor games to choose from.
Kubb is always a hit in good company, and works well for both big and small. If you're going to travel, the pack of five different outdoor games in one can be a smart investment. Here you get volleyball, badminton, frisbee, ring games and horseshoe throwing in one package.

For the very youngest, our small shell-shaped tub is perfect, as it can be used both as a sandbox and a small children's pool. Place the tub in the shade and let the children cool off properly.

Our outdoor toys

A rebounder is also a nice addition to the garden for the ball enthusiast. By centering or shooting at the rebounder, you get the ball back at different heights so that you can practice volleyball or reception. The rebounder is suitable for football, handball, volleyball and tennis, among others.


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