Kick scooters for an active outdoor life

Buying guide for kick scooters – how to choose the right kick scooter for your child

Buying a kick scooter for a child can be more difficult than doing the same for an adult. There are several things to consider when choosing a kick scooter. We have developed this buying guide for kick scooters to make your job a little easier.

The choice of kick scooter should be made based on the child's circumstances

Once you have decided to buy a kick scooter for your child, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Which kick scooter is right for my kid?
  • At what age can a child start riding a kick scooter?
  • Which kick scooters are best suited for children of different ages?
  • Should I look at kick scooters with two or three wheels?

Whether you should buy a three-wheel scooter for the child depends primarily on your child's age. Three-wheeled kick scooters are perfect for younger children who need to train their coordination and balance. These are a kind of entry-level model which can be seen as a springboard for two-wheeled kick scooters. If your kid is between two and five years old, a three-wheeled kick scooter can be a good choice.

When the child is around five years or older, it may be time to switch to a two-wheeled kick scooter. A kick scooter with two wheels requires a little more balance on the part of the child. Like bicycles, these kick scooters also require the child to get up to a certain speed so as not to tip over.

How to know if you should buy a scooter with three or two wheels

It may be easier for your child to start with a three-wheeled kick scooter if he/she:

  • is not very physically active
  • is between two and five years old
  • has never ridden a kick scooter before
  • has not yet learned to ride a bike.

Your child should be able to ride a two-wheeled kick scooter if he/she:

  • is physically active
  • can ride a two-wheeled bicycle
  • can already ride a three-wheeled kick scooter.

In the end, however, it is your child's unique needs and circumstances that should guide the choice of kick scooter.

Frequently asked questions about kick scooters

Which kick scooter should I buy?

You should buy a kick scooter with three wheels if your child is between two and five years old. If the child can already ride a bicycle, a two-wheeled kick scooter is a good option.

At what age can children use a kick scooter?

Depending on the child's development, they can start using a scooter from between the ages of two and five years old.

How much do kick scooters cost?

At Biltema you can buy a kick scooter from SEK 249 and up.