Electrical bikes – fun and good for the environment!

Biltema offers a large range of electrical cycles in different models. From sporty hybrid models to classical models with parcel carriers and cycle baskets. We also have mountain bikes for forest and terrain riding, and small, practical mini-bikes. When you buy your electric bike at Biltema, it is fully assembled and ready when you pick it up.

What to consider before buying an electric bike

The electrical cycle has become very popular as a commuting cycle as it offers the extra pedal power that enables you to avoid arriving to work hot and sweaty. The electrical cycle helps you uphill, in headwinds and on long, tough straight sections. At the same time commuting to work by cycle can reduce car use and thereby contributes to a better environment. As opposed to driving a car you don't need a licence and you don't have to sit in the queues on the roads to the city. But primarily, uphill cycling is no longer a problem - the electrical cycle does it for you!

Take a look around our electrical cycles and experience the joy of extra pedal power!

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