Balance bikes - good training for the little ones

Balance bike - balance training for the youngest

Is it time for the family’s little one to practice keeping their balance before next year's cycling trips? Then a balance bike, also called a running bike, is a step in the right direction. A balance bike is a smaller bike without pedals and stabiliser wheels that the child moves using their feet. But what should you keep in mind when choosing a balance bike?

The size of the balance bike is crucial

The most important factor when buying a balance bike is its size. Most balance bikes have 10 or 12 inch wheels. The wheel size may be an indicator of the bike's general size, but it is the saddle height that determines whether the balance bike will fit the child. The child should sit comfortably on the saddle with slightly bent knees and feet firmly on the ground. Can’t take your kid to the store? Then you can measure the child's inner leg length.

Weight of the balance bike in relation to the child

You should also take into account the weight of the balance bike in relation to the child's weight and strength. A good guideline is not to choose a running bike that weighs more than 30% of the child's weight. And when it's time to ride the bike, don’t forget a bicycle helmet!

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Frequently asked questions about running bikes

What age can kids start using a balance bike?

A balance bike is suitable for kids from about 3-6 years of age.

What size should the running bike be?

This depends on the child's inner leg length.

Why start with a balance bike?

With a balance bike, the child learns to keep their balance, which is good preparation for when the child will ride a regular bike.

Can I maintain the bike myself?

Absolutely! You can easily perform some bicycle maintenance yourself, with the help of the right tools and guidance. Get help from our guides and videos here.