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Buyer's guide to men’s bikes - find a men's bike that suits you

The fun of gliding along streets and through town squares on a traditional men's bike should not be underestimated. But in order for you to enjoy your bike ride, you need a men's bike that suits you and your everyday life. Here you can read more about what to consider when buying a bike.

How are you going to use the men's bike?

Before you start taking a closer look at a men's bike, you should be clear about how you plan to use it. Are you planning to cycle to work? Then maybe a bike with more gears will be better suited to the task. But if you're only going to cycle to the beach during the holidays, a simpler men's bike might be more suitable for you.

Which frame size should you choose?

When choosing which men's bike to buy, you should also take into account your height in relation to the bicycle. Just like a women's bike, the size of a men's bike is usually indicated in relation to its wheel size in inches. However, a men's bike is a little larger than the women's bike even if the wheels are the same size, so for this reason you cannot rely solely on the wheel size. Try the bike before you decide. Don't forget cycle lights and a bicycle helmet for a safe bike ride.

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Frequently asked questions about men’s bikes

Why should I buy a men's bike?

The advantage of a men's bike is that it has a horizontal crossbar that makes the frame much more stable. The diamond-shaped frame also makes cycling more efficient.

What size of men's bike should I have?

It depends on your overall height, how long your legs are and the size of your upper body.

What is the difference between women's bikes and men's bikes?

A women's bike has a low-step frame and lacks the horizontal bar characteristic of the men's bike. Men's bikes are also available in larger frame sizes and have a larger distance between saddle and handlebars.

Can I maintain the bike myself?

Absolutely! You can easily perform some bicycle maintenance yourself, with the help of the right tools and guidance. Get help from our guides and videos here.