5 steps to beautiful Christmas lighting

5 steps to beautiful Christmas lighting

Christmas lights in your eyes - just like when you were a child, they never disappear. This is the feeling that comes again every year when you decorate. Christmas will soon be here and we are getting into a moving and evocative time. A big part of the Christmas preparations is to decorate and hang strings of lights and Christmas lights with the family, and there is nothing more cosy than beautiful Christmas lights all through Christmas. Often the Christmas lights are still hanging well into January.

Although it is tempting to get straight into the Christmas decorations, it can be smart to make a plan for how everything should look.

Find the centrepiece for the Christmas decorations and strings of lights

Find a natural centrepiece where you can start by hanging up lights. For many people, this is the front door and the entrance area. It’s much simpler than decorating random spots and the overall impression is better. If you want more control over the whole thing, you can take a picture and draw in where you want to hang up the lighting. Then you will get a better overview of where it is natural to start and what the lighting will look like when everything is finished.


Step 1 - Use the right strings of lights

Use strings of lights that are suitable for outdoor use, and make sure that they are CE marked. LED lights have a number of benefits. if you have children or pets, you don’t have to worry about anything unexpected happening. LED lights are a good choice because they hardly get warm. That means they are cool to the touch, which saves you a lot of worry. At the same time, the lights work well in cold temperatures, and they actually become more efficient when the temperature drops. Not only that, but the lifespan is longer and they use up to 90% less power compared to traditional bulbs.

Step 2 - Test the lights

Test and check that the lights work before you hang them up. Even if the lights are brand new, they should still be tested before you use them. That way you won’t find out when you’re high up on a ladder - or if you've finished hanging them up which is even worse!

Step 3 - Fasten the lights

Use strips to attach the lights to the gutter. Here you can choose between attaching the lights so that they point upwards or downwards, depending on what you prefer and how it fits in with the rest of your plan.

Use a reliable, stable ladder when hanging lights high up in gutters and trees. Another tip is to hang the lighting up when it's getting a little darker outside. Then it will be easier to see what it all looks like and adjust what is necessary. Otherwise, flagpole lighting is a very nice and stylish way to decorate a large tree outside.
Do not forget the accessories. Extension cords and waterproof protection boxes that protect and hold the socket and plug are something that anyone who puts up outdoor lighting should consider.

Remember to consider your neighbours. If you live close to your neighbours, you should try to place your Christmas lights so they don’t shine directly into their living room. Unless they are also in the Christmas mood.


Popular places to hang Christmas lights

  • On bushes, hedges and trees
  • Around columns and posts
  • Around windows, door frames and the entrance area
  • Near driveways and paths
  • Side windows and plants

Step 4 - Use a timer

Digital timers are very important to keep the Christmas peace and save power. With a timer, you can decide in advance how long you want the lights to stay on. This means that they turn off automatically overnight so you keep the Christmas peace in the neighbourhood - and save electricity! 

Step 5 - Look at the lights

Check that the HFI / HPFI switch is working before turning on the power. Look at the light and enjoy your work on your strings of lights. Then everything is ready for Christmas again!

If you want to decorate with other things at the same time, then you can add lanterns, elves and other decorative items that can lift the Christmas mood even more. Decorating for Christmas is really something that the whole family can do together.


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