Build the most beautiful soapbox car with Biltema!

Build the most beautiful soapbox car with Biltema!

As the air gets warmer and the sun peeks out, it's the perfect time to tackle an outdoor project with the kids. A soap box car is a nostalgic build-it-yourself project for the adults and a fun activity for the children – a perfect task for the whole family!

We have all the accessories required to make your soapbox car the best looking in town.

We built our very own Biltema soap box derby racer to inspire this fun activity. We used a pre-purchased building kit for a soap box car as the basis for the car itself. We then decorated the car with various elements from the Biltema range to make it something really special.

Painting, decorating with glitter and fitting horns, car mats and rear-view mirrors make the project extra fun! Below you can see what products we have used in our range for this "Pimping" of the soapbox car. It's very cool, isn't it?


Ordning på detaljerna - Få ordning på golvmattan, biltärningarna och vindrutan i anpassat plastglas – då är du på väg.

Building and "Customizing" the soapbox car

All the cool details and products that you can see in the pictures, we have found for you below. Then it is easy for you to find the goods you need in the warehouse.

Remember to have ice cream in stock in the freezer in the carport as well as cold drinks. Then creativity can flow a little easier when you build. It's actually the perfect project to put your personal touch on a vehicle.

Step 1 – Get a handle on the frame

As I said, the frame is up to you and what you plan. You will find the wheels in our range in different variants. The possibilities for how the basic shape should look are endless.

Step 2 – Paint

The color choice is also entirely your own. You can also paint the soap box car Biltema blue or pink with speed stripes. Your choice.

Step 3- Pimming the vehicle

When you have to pimp your "Dollar Princess", you must remember to include all the classic elements that give a car - the extra. Car dice. A good gear lever, cool lights and side mirrors and, of course, puncture-free wheels. There is plenty of inspiration to be found on our soapbox car.

 Step 4 - Drive off into the sunset

The last step is the test drive. Put brother, father or grandfather in gear so that they can push the car well out of the driveway.

The finished soapbox car

If you have your hands well screwed and you are helped, then it may be that you can make the soap box car look a lot like our car. It depends a bit on the ready-to-build kit or the frame you get made for the soapbox car. But the accessories you will find in this article are Biltema's range - 100%

See our finished result in the video below:

In the end, it's the time you spend together on a project like this that counts. You make plans, find the things, screw and laugh, and finally you race off into the driveway.

We hope you can use our ideas for the project you are planning.

Happy building!

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