Go camping with the kids – fill your ‘memory bank’ with good experiences

Go camping with the kids – fill your ‘memory bank’ with good experiences

The best summer holiday memories can be created with simple means and don’t have to cost a lot of money, be difficult to plan, or involve an exotic destination. The best memories are often those you create by spending time and doing things together. At Biltema you will find plenty of hiking and camping equipment for both big and small adventures. And the best part is that the equipment costs only a fraction of what you would find in far more expensive brand stores. Below are 6 tips for simple camping/holiday experiences that kids will love.

Fun at the campsite

Most children love going on trips, and maybe you are lucky enough to go to a permanent campsite, where the surroundings are familiar and everything feels safe and good. However, if you go to the same place time and again, the children may start to get a little bored. That’s why it’s important to create new experiences and find activities so that everyone can enjoy themselves and have a great holiday.

At Biltema you will find many games and outdoor activities that are both fun and inexpensive. For example, both adults and children can have a lot of fun with game of kubb, croquet or badminton, for example.


Outdoor games and activity products for the whole family 

Outdoor toys and activity products for smaller children

For smaller children, a bucket and spade can do the trick, not to mention soap bubbles, and you’ll find many fun and affordable versions of these at Biltema – browse here.

Camping in the forest


Camping in the forest can be both fun and educational. If your children are slightly older, they may be able to go on their own with friends, but it can also be a lot of fun to go camping with both adults and other children. Either way, the forest offers many amazing experiences. You can explore nature, collect pinecones, watch insects, or pick berries or mushrooms (of course, this depends on the season, and you must make sure the berries and plants are not poisonous). At Biltema you will find equipment that makes ‘foraging’ easier.

Equipment you may find useful for camping

Orienting yourself in the forest without access to other aids or mobile phones can be very exciting, and really something ‘everyone’ should learn!

Learn how to use maps and compasses

Orienting yourself in the forest without access to other aids or mobile phones can be very exciting, and really something ‘everyone’ should learn. And if you have time and imagination, you can create an orienteering trail, for example, where you navigate from point to point with fun questions/tasks.

Check out our compasses and equipment here.


The best part of a camping trip in the woods is sitting around a campfire on a cosy summer evening. Hearing the crackle of the fire and being mesmerised by the warm light from the flames.

NOTE! Before lighting a fire (campfire or grill), you must make sure that you are at a designated fire/grill site and that you have water or extinguishing options available. NOTE! Never leave children alone near fire. Also, never leave a fire or grill that has not been properly extinguished.


If you haven’t tested it yet, try an overnight stay under the open sky in a hammock. This is a liberating and airy experience for adults and slightly older children. And if you’d rather not spend the night in a hammock, it’s always nice to be able to take a little ‘break’ between two trees outside the camp with a good book while the children play. Browse affordable hammocks at Biltema here.


Camping by the sea

Many people believe that camping near water is the best summer activity.
And most children probably agree. There is nothing as fun and enjoyable as water. And it’s especially fun when the children can get active through swimming and water games. At Biltema you will find many great activity games for children, without it costing an arm and a leg.

When you’re by the water, safety is also very important. Things you need for your own safety, such as life vests and life jackets, can be found here.

To make camping and swimming as fun and de-stressing as possible, you should think smart. Pack a cooler bag full of cold drinks and food for the day. If you have the opportunity, you may also be able to fire up the grill. A good investment here can be a portable camping grill. It can be used again and again and is therefore also a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Local Camping – overnighting in the garden, on the terrace, or on the trampoline

A fun activity on hot summer days can be to let the children camp in the garden, on the terrace or on a trampoline. Sleeping under the open sky can be both cosy and very enjoyable.


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