It is important to be properly visible when you are out and about in the dark. With good reflectors, you are visible to cars and other vehicles, and reduce the risk of an accident. We have reflectors that you attach to, for example, the clothes or the stroller, or that you fasten to your arm or leg. You will also find practical reflective vests in our range.

Frequently asked questions about reflectors

Why should I wear a reflex?

With reflectors, you are much more visible in the dark and thus reduce the risk of an accident. You are also more visible to the vehicles, when your reflex gets hit by the light of a headlight, even if the visibility conditions are poor.

When should I use a reflex?

Wear a reflector when you are out and it is dark. Whether you are walking along a country road, in the woods or in the city, it is important to wear a reflector.

Where should I put the reflex?

A tip is to have the reflector hanging on a string, because reflectors are best seen when they move. It is also important that you are visible from all directions, so place the reflectors around your arms and legs so that they are visible both from the front and back. Feel free to place the reflectors low, as they are best seen in the cars' low beam then.

What difference makes wearing a reflex?

A car driving at low light, in the dark, detects you at a distance of 20-30 meters if you only wear dark clothes. If you wear light clothes, you can be seen from a distance of 60 meters. If, on the other hand, you wear reflectors, the car will detect you already at a distance of 125 meters. So it makes a big difference!