Tips for efficient and smooth remote working

Tips for efficient and smooth remote working

Remote work has come to stay, at least at many workplaces, especially if an employee’s job description allows it. It is especially important for a remote worker to look at their own home office or remote workplace with critical eyes. Is work ergonomics okay? What could you change to make yourself more comfortable? Not everyone has the option of a separate room for working at home, but with small and inexpensive purchases, a place for remote work can be comfortable, efficient and friendly, regardless of the size and even in a small home.

Remote working has many advantages. One rejoices that the alarm clock does not has to be set to wake up as early as when working at an office. Another person is happy for fuel cost savings. In addition, when the time normally spent on commuting is saved, more leisure time can be spent with the family,

Working remotely can be very effective and helps especially in creative and focused work. What should you consider in your own remote workplace to make your work as smooth and efficient as possible? Check out our tips that help you create the perfect remote workstation at your home.


1. Build a remote workstation of your choice

An inexpensive and different remote workstation is easily constructed using wall rails and shelf or table tops. You can add any number of shelves to the rails to store important supplies and materials related to your work.

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If you don’t have a separate big screen and you find yourself suffering from neck pain while staring at your laptop screen for days, an adjustable laptop stand can be a great purchase and won’t put a lot of strain on your wallet. You can also attach your own shelf plate to the laptop on the wall rails, so you get the machine screen at just the right height and your neck stays straight. Then, of course, you need a separate keyboard and mouse. A shelf or table top at a suitable height allows you to work even when standing.

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2. Update your computer accessories

"Hello, do you hear me?" Remote working also means remote meetings. One of the most important tools for a remote worker is probably good, high-quality headphones that can placed on the head for even longer meetings. Of course, they are also suitable for listen to music and radio during the working day.

You should also keep other computer accessories, such as keyboards, mice, and mouse pads, as well as memory sticks and cables, up to date. And don’t forget a good desk lamp. It will definitely help you work!

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3. Choose essential office supplies for your remote office

Today, almost everything is handled electronically, but there are areas and jobs where papers are still an important part of the workday. In addition pens, notebooks and sticky notes are always needed. In a three-piece desk set, all office supplies from pens to papers stay in order and in perfect harmony on your desk.
The trendy idea is to attach a bulletin board made of wire mesh to the wall, which will store everything you need in separately purchased accessories, such as hooks, baskets and racks. This also frees up perhaps already limited desktop space for other uses.

You should also remember to always keep batteries available at home. For example, they need be replaced in wireless mice and keyboards from time to time.

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4. Remember ergonomics and breaks

Those who work with computers have a lot of pain conditions in the neck-shoulder area, as well as ailments in the musculoskeletal system. So remember to invest in good work ergonomics by getting an office chair that supports your back and neck and take enough breaks during the working day!

During breaks, you can even try a quick break-up exercise: place dumbbells and a training rubber band, for example, next to your remote workstation in a nice storage basket, with which you can enhance your movements. Using a balance cushion in an office chair, on the other hand, strengthens the middle body that fits easily from the seat and helps you find the right and upright sitting position. However, if you get sore, pamper yourself with a soothing and warming massage with a shiatsu massage pillow. It is easy to do during the working day!

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5. Invest in comfort, convenience and details

In remote working, social contacts are scarce and literally remote. You may feel lonely at times. Therefore, it is important that you enjoy yourself at your home remote workstation. Get beautiful little home decor items like candles, or frame a nice poster on the wall. Even a small authentic looking plant can bring joy! Warm socks can be a rescue for chills, as well as a warming blanket that can be easily grabbed from the back of the chair or a sheepskin placed on the chair.


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