Get Ready for the Festival – pack these accessories

Get Ready for the Festival – pack these accessories

A sure sign that summer has begun is the many summer festivals. No matter if the weather in Finland is rainy or glorious, you must go to a festival, especially if your favourite artist or band is performing. The keyword for a successful festival experience is proper preparation. We have compiled some tips on what to pack for the festival.

Sit comfortably anywhere

You don’t need to sit on uncomfortable surfaces or lie down on the grass! A folding camping chair is a festival goer’s best friend. Our range includes lightweight folding chairs that are easy to carry and open/fold-up. Regardless of whether you are waiting for your favourite band to perform or just need to take a break from all the dancing, the folding chairs offer a comfortable place to rest and enjoy the event.

Camp in the festival area

For multi-day festivals or overnight events, a lightweight tent and comfortable sleeping and camping equipment are essential. At Biltema you will find a range of durable, easy-to-use tents that are easy to take along. Choose a suitable tent for the number of overnight stays and the weather conditions. In addition, it pays to invest in a comfortable sleeping bag and a compact inflatable air mattress so that you can get a good night’s rest and wake up full of energy and ready for the next day.



Håll drycker och mat kyld

Håll drycker kalla och dig själv dehydrerad under hela festivalen med hjälp av en kylväska. I kylväskan hålles mellanmål, drycker och annan mat fräsch och kyld. Välj en storlek på kylväskan som passar dina behov, lägg i några kylklampar utöver drycker och mat och njut av uppfriskande läckerheter när det behövs under evenemanget.

Handla kylväskan här

Stå ut från massan

Ett riktigt festivalproffs sticker ut från mängden med sin klädsel. Biltemas roliga klädkollektion är som gjord för festivaler! Utöver kläder innehåller kollektionen också accessoarer och andra tillbehör.

Våra korvkläder

Protect yourself from rain

You should not attend a festival without proper rain gear. A rain poncho is a practical solution that protects you from the rain. It’s very convenient and takes up little space in your bag. A backpack or bag also gets practical protection under a spacious rain poncho. Rain ponchos are available both as disposable versions and made of more durable materials. Biltema’s rain poncho is suitable for everyone and it’s a good and affordable purchase to bring along to festivals and other trips.


Slut på batteri?

Telefonens batteri laddar ur förvånansvärt snabbt om du ivrigt börjar filma spelningar och knäppa gruppbilder med vänner. Så ta med dig en batteriladdare för att enkelt ladda din telefon. På så sätt kommer din telefon att ha tillräckligt med laddning under hela festivalen!

Don’t forget the party games!

At festivals you listen to music and have fun, but you also spend time and hang out with friends. The time between bands can be filled by playing small travel-sized board games that don’t take up much space in your backpack. Traditional card games make the time pass pleasantly. How about Connect Four, Chess or Yatzy?

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