Functional outdoor clothing for adventures in nature

Men's outdoor clothing buying guide – stay warm and dry all day

Here you will find our affordable wind and waterproof outdoor clothing for men. Stay dry and warm when you're on an adventure in nature, whether you're going hiking or fishing. With our functional outdoor clothing for men, you can move freely in nature, without worrying about freezing or getting wet. Among our outdoor clothes for women, you will find, among other things, affordable wilderness trousers and wilderness jackets.

Are the outdoor clothes comfortable?

The clothes and their fit are created so that you can move in a carefree manner when you are out in nature. They will keep you warm when it is cold, and dry when it rains. You should always try on your clothes before going out into nature, so that you have the right size and can move properly.

When should I wear outdoor clothing?

You can use outdoor clothing when going on a trip in the forest, fishing or going on a longer hunt. Simply at all times when you are going out on an adventure in nature. Of course, your activity should determine what type of outdoor clothing you should wear. Also take the weather into account when getting dressed. Dress with layer upon layer, and you can easily either take off if you get too hot, or get dressed more if you start to freeze.

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Frequently asked questions about outdoor clothes

What kind of outdoor clothes are there for men?

Functional wilderness jackets and wilderness pants can be found in our range. You will also find, in our range of casual wear, complementary base layers, shoes, hats and fleece jackets.

What sizes are there in outdoor clothing for men?

Sizes are between S-XXL

What should I consider when buying outdoor clothes for men?

You should always start from what activity you are going to do in nature and what weather and climate you will be in. The clothes you wear should be able to stay warm, dry and cool when needed.

How should I wash my outdoor clothes?

Functional materials should be washed gently, preferably with a laundry bag or turned inside out. They should not be washed more than necessary, and you should always follow the washing instructions specified in the garment. Our wilderness jackets should not be washed with fabric softener, as it clogs the membrane and removes the breathability.

What does the layer-on-layer method mean?

This means that you dress with several different layers. Most often you start with a warming base layer, and then put on a warmer sweater and trousers or a fleece jacket over. After that, depending on the weather and temperature, put on your shell clothes.
The layer-on-layer method is effective because you can easily put on more if you freeze, or undress if you are warm.

What's the difference between a shell jacket and a rain jacket?

The shell jacket is waterproof just like the rain jacket. However, the shell jacket material has a better breathability than the rain jacket and makes it more comfortable to wear in certain weathers.