Leisure clothing

Buying guide leisure clothing - for an active leisure in nature

When staying in the woods and on out in nature, it is good to dress in practical and durable leisure clothes that can withstand a little tougher grip. In this guide, we share our best tips and advice on leisure clothes, so that you have the right clothes when you take a forest walk.

Leisure clothing with a focus on function and comfort

Leisure clothing is a type of clothing that is more insensitive in nature. This means that they are designed with a focus on function and comfort. This makes leisure clothes an excellent choice for everything from long walks in nature to work in the garden. Then you stay warm, can move freely and do not have to worry about getting soil on your knees.

Dress properly

There is a basic rule you should follow when spending time outdoors - always dress according to the layer-on-layer principle. You can start from the layer-on-layer principle all year round, regardless of the weather, but the colder it is, the more important it is that you follow it. The principle means that you dress in several thin layers so that you can easily take on and off different layers when the weather and temperature change. All bearings can and should be modified according to weather and temperature.

Layer 1

The first layer consists of garments that transport moisture away from the body. On cold days, the first layer consists of an undergarment of wool or synthetic. On warmer summer days, a t-shirt or tank top works well. The layer closest to the body should never consist of cotton as it gets cold when it gets damp.

Layer 2

The second layer is a warming intermediate layer that can be varied depending on temperature. The middle layer can consist of a thinner sweater, a fleece sweater or a warm wool sweater. If it is really cold, you can also put on a thin down jacket.

Layer 3

The outer layer should consist of wind and waterproof garments that protect against both rain and wind. A rain gear with a breathing function works excellently as an outer layer.

Frequently asked questions about leisure clothing

What is leisure clothes?

Leisure clothes are insensitive clothes with a focus on function and comfort, which makes them excellent for fun adventures in the woods and on the ground.

What sizes are leisure clothes?

At Biltema you will find leisure clothes in both adult sizes (S-XXL) and children's sizes (128-170).

Why should you wear leisure clothes?

They are a good thing to wear when, for example, you are going for long walks in the woods and need soft clothes.