Buying guide for jackets – which jacket for what occasion?

There are many different jacket models, and it is not always easy to know which jacket to buy or when to use it. We have a wide range of different types of jackets, all of which have different features to keep you warm and comfortable when you are out and about.

Fleece jackets & fleece casual jackets

A warming fleece jacket almost never goes wrong! In spring or early autumn, it is often enough to just wear a fleece jacket on top of your t-shirt. When it gets colder outside, the fleece jacket is an important component in the layer-on-layer principle.
The fleece jacket is a perfect garment to wear on top of the base layer, as it is the garment that should warm the most. It is important that you can keep your body warm when standing still and avoid getting too sweaty once you move.
The fleece jacket is airy and the air in the material is heated by your body heat, which makes it warmer when you move, but a little cooler when you stand still and your own body heat gets lower.

Quilted casual jackets

Originally inspired by British equestrian sports, the quilted leisure jacket features a stylish, classic and timeless design. The quilted jacket is soft, comfortable, lightly lined and the polyester fabric is water repellent, making the jacket perfect for spring and autumn in our Nordic climate.

Lightly lined jacket

A lightly lined everyday jacket comes in handy in many weathers and climates. It is perfect to wear under a shell jacket, when the weather is at its wettest and coldest, as it warms well. The lightly lined casual jacket is also very stylish, and takes up some space in the pack as it can easily be folded up.