Functional outdoor clothing for adventures in nature

Buying guide outdoor clothing for women – Dress comfortably and functionally for a day in nature

When going out into nature, it is important that you dress properly, so that you do not freeze or are too hot. Among our outdoor clothes for women, you will find, among other things, affordable wilderness trousers and wilderness jackets.

The right outdoor clothing for your activity

Our outdoor clothing is wind and water repellent, to keep you warm and dry all day, regardless of the weather and season. Let your activity in nature determine what clothes, and how much clothes you put on. Is it going to be very windy? Or will you be in the deep forest where it might be a little cooler and wetter?

Fit and functionality

A good fit and high functionality go hand in hand among our outdoor clothing and the fit is adapted for you to be active and move freely.

New, stylish clothes can get anyone in a good mood, and that may be what is needed to get you out into nature. Stylish outdoor clothing you may even find other uses for.

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Frequently asked questions about outdoor clothes

What kind of outdoor clothes are there for women?

In our range of outdoor clothing you will find practical wilderness jackets and wilderness trousers. In our other range of leisure clothing you will find complementary base layers, shoes, hats and fleece jackets.

What sizes are there in outdoor clothing for women?

Sizes are between XS-XL

What should I consider when buying outdoor clothes for women?

Start from your activity and what weather you may encounter. Your clothes should be able to keep you warm, dry and cool when needed.

What does the water column unit mean?

Water column is used when testing the waterproofness of a material. You simply test how high the water pressure the material can handle, by figuring out how high a pillar of water must be before the water penetrates the material.
The waterproofness is then indicated in millimetres, based on how high the water column is when the water penetrates again. So, the higher the unit the water column has, the more waterproof the material.

How should I wash my outdoor clothes?

Our tip is to always follow the washing instructions stated on the clothes. Our wilderness jackets should not be washed with fabric softener, as it clogs the membrane and removes the breathability.