Socks for all occasions

Check out our wide range of socks for both men and women! We have socks for all occasions, whether you are going on a long hike in the forest or away shopping at the grocery store.

Advantage of Merino wool

Our Merino socks are ideal for long days in nature. The merino wool of the socks means that the socks do not absorb moisture, they breathe well and they counteract bad odours. The socks warm your feet when it's cold and cool them when it's hot. These properties make them the ultimate socks when going out into nature, or working both indoors and outdoors.

Ranger Socks

Our ranger socks are also perfect for adventures in nature. The wool in the socks repels moisture and makes them quick-drying and heat insulating. The wool is also to some extent water repellent, which keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Dry feet are also a prerequisite for minimizing the risk of shoe chafing. The ranger socks can be found in different models.

Cotton socks

We also have a large selection of low or high cut cotton socks. The ankle socks are cool and comfortable, and they are barely visible over your shoes, making them suitable for any occasion.

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