Create shelter and shade with a balcony screen

Create shelter and shade with a balcony screen

Are you looking for a solution that can give you more privacy on your balcony? Or do you need protection from the sun or wind? Then a solution can be a form of balcony screening. There are several different ways you can enclose a balcony, and in this guide we’ll go over the different options (some are classic, others more creative). Read on to find out how you can upgrade your outdoor space to make your balcony a place where you want to be.

Balcony screening offers multiple advantages

Have you considered screening off your balcony? It is a solution that has multiple advantages.

  1. You get privacy: Do you wish you had a bit more privacy on your balcony? Then balcony screening can be a solution. It allows you to sit on your balcony without worrying about prying eyes from neighbours or passers-by. It is especially an obvious solution if you live in an area where the apartments are close together.

  2. Get shade on hot days: A sunny balcony is great, but it’s good to have some shade – especially on hot summer days when the sun is baking. With balcony screening, you can enjoy the good weather on your balcony without getting too hot.

  3. Protection from the wind: Do you live high up, or does the wind direction often hit your balcony? Balcony screening can also protect you from the wind and can make it more comfortable to sit out on your balcony.

  4. Add more cosiness: Not only is balcony screening practical, but it also helps to create some extra atmosphere and cosiness. There are several different solutions and designs to choose from, so you can create an outdoor space that you like.


So, there are many good reasons to invest in balcony screening, since it can help improve your balcony in more than one way.

Choose from several types of balcony screening

When it comes to balcony screening, there are several different options and solutions for you to consider. All you need to do is think a little creatively to get a solution that perfectly suits your balcony and your needs. We present a number of solutions to inspire you – some are classic while others are creative.

Traditional balcony screening

You probably know the traditional form of balcony screening, which you can easily mount on the railings. It is an obvious solution and protects against both sun and wind. And it also creates privacy. When finding the right solution for your balcony, it is important that the size fits your railing to ensure that the screen works as it should.

Screening is easy to install. Typically, the material is equipped with eyelets in the corners, and all you need to do is attach them to the railing with straps. Another smart thing about this type of balcony screening is that it is easy to remove if you want to store it over winter. But you can leave it on the balcony all year round if you prefer. The material is also easy to maintain, and it’s good to do so regularly. Wipe it down using a damp cloth with soap when needed.

Use balcony boxes, planter boxes, or pots

If you have the courage to try an alternative solution, consider using balcony boxes, planter boxes, or pots with plants or flowers to screen off your balcony. You can also create a dedicated plant wall that can create privacy from neighbouring balconies. The solution is ideal for when you want a little more privacy when sitting out on your balcony. When the flowers or plants are in full bloom, they can help shield from prying eyes. And at the same time, it also helps to add cosiness to your private oasis.

Do you need more ideas on how to decorate your balcony so that it becomes both functional and cosy? Get inspiration for balcony decorating here.

Use a shade sail as balcony screening

You can also use a shade sail as balcony screening. You may think shade sails can only be used on patios, but they can also be set up on a balcony. However, it requires that there is something on the balcony that you can tighten the sail between. A shade sail is also ideal if you live at the top, where the wind and sun can be more bothersome.

A shade sail is typically made of a UV-resistant and waterproof fabric, which makes it both strong and durable. When choosing the right model, it’s important that you pay attention to the size to ensure that it perfectly fits your balcony. Shade sails also require minimal maintenance. And when winter comes, it’s easy to pack up and store the sail until the time comes to use the balcony again.


Screen off your balcony with a classic parasol

If you want a practical and flexible way to screen off your balcony, and which can also provide protection from the sun, then a classic parasol is ideal. It is easy to set up in a parasol base, and it’s also easy to move around – depending on where the sun is in the sky – so that you get shade where you need it. When you are not using the parasol, it is also easy to pack away, which makes it both functional and flexible. In addition to it being practical, the parasol also adds a cosy atmosphere to the balcony where you will enjoy spending time.

Mount a side awning

If you want to shield the entire balcony from the wind and the sun – as well as prying eyes from neighbouring balconies, then you can mount a side awning as an alternative to a traditional balcony screen. It is ideal for protecting you from the low sun and moderate wind.


A side awning is typically made of polyester, which makes it both water-repellent and UV-resistant. The awning is also a flexible solution. It can be easily rolled out when you want to use it and rolled back into the cassette when not in use, where it is well protected until the next use. So, a side awning is a good solution for when you want to create shelter, shade or privacy.

The right power tool for the balcony project

If you haven’t started assembling a power tool set yet, consider our MultiX 18V series. Then you will be well covered for all your home renovation projects, including balcony screening projects. See the full MultiX 18V series.

With the MultiX 18V series, you are well covered with a large selection of cordless machines that can be powered with the same battery.  

What about acrylic glass panels as balcony screening?

Another option for balcony screening is to use acrylic glass panels. The panels are versatile and can be used for many different purposes – including as screening. They are both durable and transparent, which makes them an ideal solution if you want a robust – yet discreet – solution.

When choosing the right panels, it is especially important that you opt for a UV-resistant model. This is necessary for the panels to withstand the sun’s rays. It is easy to precisely adapt the panels to your balcony, and the smart thing is that you can both drill and saw them so that they fit perfectly into your outdoor space. When finding the right variant, it is best to opt for a large panel to ensure that it covers the side of your balcony optimally. And if it’s too big, you can easily adjust it to size.

Tip: Acrylic glass panels can be mounted as balcony screening in several different ways. For example, you can drill holes in the panels and attach them to the balcony railing with straps.

Find your balcony screening at Biltema

If you would like to screen off your balcony, you will find a wide selection of several different types of screening at Biltema. In our range, you will find traditional types fo screening, which you have surely seen several examples of in the surrounding apartments in your yard, but you will also find several alternative solutions, which can also easily serve to screen off your balcony. That means there’s something to suit everyone. You will find:



All our products are carefully selected to ensure good quality. Find your balcony screening at Biltema and turn your balcony into your very own private outdoor space protected from both the wind and sun.

How to choose the right balcony screening

Do you need some kind of screen for the balcony – either because you want to protect it from the wind or sun or just to get a little more privacy? Then read our good tips on buying screening for your balcony.


Consider the main purpose of balcony screening

There are several different solutions, and the choice therefore depends on your specific needs and the possibilities on the balcony.

Do you mainly need privacy?

  • If you want more privacy when sitting on the balcony, you can choose the traditional form of balcony screening. This type screens off around the entire balcony railing, and you therefore avoid prying eyes when sitting on the balcony. And it also offers protection from the wind.

  • If you do not need quite so much balcony screening but would like a little more privacy, you can also choose to set up balcony boxes or place pots around the balcony. Here, flowers and tall plants can help screen off prying eyes from neighbours. At the same time, it will help create a cosy, green oasis.

Do you want to protect yourself from the sun?

  • If the main purpose of the screening is to protect the entire balcony from the sharp rays of the sun, then you should invest in a shade sail. However, it must be possible to somehow attach it to your balcony. This is a really good solution if your balcony is located at the top.

  • You can also protect your balcony from UV rays with an ordinary parasol. It is an easy solution that many opt for. It’s a practical way to create a comfortable outdoor environment on hot days – and does not require installation.

Is the main purpose of the screening to create shelter?

  • Does your balcony get a lot of wind? Then you should consider mounting a side awning. When you pull out the side awning, it serves to protect you from the wind, which will make it more enjoyable to spend time on the balcony. As a bonus, a side awning also creates privacy – either from both sides of the balcony or one side, depending on whether you mount one or more awnings. And depending on the position of the sun, a side awning can also be an effective solution.

  • Acrylic glass panels are a good solution if you want to protect the balcony from wind with a discreet design where the light from outside can still shine through. Light is blocked to a greater extent by other forms of balcony screening. The transparent panels allow the sun’s rays to pass through, but the smart thing about the panels is that they protect against UV rays. This makes it a smart solution for those who want shelter – without compromising on the inflow of light.

Check local regulations at the property

Before deciding on which type of screening is right for your balcony, you should check what rules apply to the property or association. There may be rules for what you may and may not do, because some property owners or association want uniform or streamlined balconies. For example, there may be rules on the permitted height of balcony screening. If you are in doubt about what you may and may not do, it is always a good idea to check the rules before starting your balcony project.

Take good care of your balcony screening

If you want your balcony screening to last for many years, it is important that you also take good care of it and maintain it regularly. There are several different things you should consider.


  1. Storage: If it is possible to take down your balcony screening, then you should store it indoors over the winter. It is also a good idea to remove the screening in harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds or a lot of snowfall. Weather conditions can be harsh on your screening, and by taking good care of the balcony screening over the winter, you can help extend the service life.

  2. Clean regularly: No matter what type of balcony screening you use, you should clean it regularly. For example, you can wipe your balcony screening with a damp cloth or rinse it with a water hose. Dirt and dust can easily stick to the materials. Cleaning helps to extend the service life, but of course it also makes your balcony look more inviting, making you want to spend time there.


If you take note of these various tips, you can help take good care of your balcony screening and potentially extend its service life.

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