Floorball – fast-paced matches for the whole family 

Floorball is a fast and intense sport, but it’s a lot of fun and very challenging! Floorball is usually played in a sports hall, but can also be played at home if you have the right conditions and enough space.  

Many also choose to buy a floorball stick that they use to play street hockey or floorball out on the street or in the schoolyard. 


Floorball sticks  

Our floorball sticks are perfect for beginners or for those who want to start playing floorball. Our floorball sticks have a soft ergonomic shaft that makes it comfortable to play with. The blade of the floorball club is curved, so you get the best possible ball control.  

Our floorball sticks are approved as match sticks by IFF (International Floorball Federation) 

Choose the right floorball stick 

Floorball sticks are either left-sided or right-sided, and the one you should choose depends on which hand you hold closest to the blade. If it feels more natural to have your left hand at the bottom, you should choose a left-sided stick and vice versa.  

It is also important to choose a stick of the correct length. 
Choose a stick length as per the table below:  

Your length:                Shaft length: 

110-125 cm                      65 cm 

130-135 cm                      75 cm 

150-160 cm                      87 cm 

170-180 cm                      96 cm 

180-190 cm                      100 cm 

Floorball goals  

A floorball stick for each player, a floor ball, and two floorball goals are all you need for a fast-paced floorball match. At Biltema you can buy large floorball goals, which are professional goals with official match dimensions. You will even find mini goals that are smaller and more practical. All our floorball goals have a durable metal frame and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  


Our floorballs are made of durable hard plastic and are suitable for both practising and matches, both indoors and outdoors. The balls are dimpled, which means the surface pattern reduces air resistance and friction against the floor. The surface pattern helps the floorball move straight and predictably, giving you more accuracy and faster shooting.

Frequently asked questions about floorball

How many periods are there in a floorball game?  

A floorball match is played in three periods, each of which is 20 minutes long.  

How big is a floorball rink?  

The most common size of a floorball rink is 40x20 metres.  

What size stick should I get? 

The length of the stick is determined by your height. Read our size table above to find the right stick for you. 

Should I get a left- or right-sided stick?  

It depends on which hand you hold closest to the blade. For example, if you hold your right hand closest, you should buy a right-sided stick, and vice versa.